Orphan Boys' Home, Calne, Wiltshire

In 1872, Miss J.M. Gabriel founded the Orphan Boys' Home at Calne, Wiltshire. It was intended to receive 'orphan boys of the class of respectable tradesmen's sons, or others who have been carefully trained but are in need of a home.' The home was located on The Green, Calne, and could accommodate up to 30 boys.

Applicants for admission, aged from 7 to 12 years, had to be recommended by two persons, one being the clergyman of the parish in which they resided. There was a £2 entrance fee, then a charge of £12 to £15 a year.

Inmates were taught to be useful in the Home, received education at the local National School, and attended the Church of England. Miss Gabriel managed the home and made up any shortfall in its income from payments and few donations.


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