Deal and Corner House, Clacton on Sea, Essex


Barnardo's first home at Clacton on Sea was opened in June 1947 in the former John Groom's 'Crippleage' on Old Road, Clacton. Barnardo's named the home 'Deal' and its address is variously given as 225 and 237 Old Road, the latter address also referred to as The Limes. The home originally accommodated only girls but then became mixed with the boys occupying the houses at the west side of Old Road, and the girls at the east.

Deal Home site, Clacton, c.1955.

The appearance of the houses can be seen on the pictures below which date from the John Groom's era.

Children's houses on west side of Old Road, date unknown. © Peter Higginbotham

Children's houses on east side of Old Road, date unknown. © Peter Higginbotham

Children's houses on east side of Old Road, date unknown. © Peter Higginbotham

Ken Parradine, a resident of the home in the late 1940s and early 1950s, has very kindly provided some photos taken during his time there. He was with his three brothers (Arthur, Frank and Fred) and two sisters (Edith and Eva) who, over a ten year period, only met all together on two occasions! The girls cottages at the east side of Old Road were named Pansy, Rosebud, Wallflower, Lily, Bluebell and Minuet. The boys' cottages, at the west side of the road, were named (from north to south) Suffolk, Kent and Norfolk. The large brick building to their rear was called Essex House. Two further boys' houses at the north side of the playing field were known as Lincoln (at the west) and Sussex

Barnardo's Home, Clacton — most of the boys, at the rear of Essex House, 1950. © Ken Parradine

Barnardo's Home, Clacton — Ken's family. Rear of Suffolk cottage visible at centre. © Ken Parradine

Barnardo's Home, Clacton — rear of Suffolk cottage. Ken is second from left, front row. © Ken Parradine

Barnardo's Home, Clacton — Ken aged about 12 in cricket kit. © Ken Parradine

Ken( would be very pleased to hear from other former residents of the home.

The Corner House

In September 1969, the home moved to new premises known as the Corner House at 67 Wash Lane, Clacton. Towards the end of 1973, the Corner House took on a new role as a holiday home for disabled children. The home was eventually closed in 1981. In more recent times, the property has operated as a care home.

None of the Old Road premises still exists.


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