Gateshead Day Industrial School, Gateshead, County Durham

In 1880, the Gateshead School Board opened a Day Industrial School in a 'very handsome and commodious building' constructed for the purpose at Half Moon Lane, Windmill Hills, Gateshead. The establishment, whose location provoked considerable local opposition, had accommodation for up to 200 children, aged 7 to 14 years. There was also a cottage for the caretaker and his wife. The School was officially certified for operation on September 30th, 1880, and opened its doors on November 1st. The superintendent was Miss Mary J. McQuaker, with Mr and Mrs John Steer appointed as labour-master and matron.

In 1884, with the School only using about half of the capacity of the large building, the Board decided that it should change places with the rather less grand premises of the adjacent upper grade school whose location is sometimes referred to as Freeman's Terrace.

Gateshead Day Industrial School original premises.

The School was formally closed on April 18th, 1895. The building later became a Church Army Home but was demolished in the 1970s. The School's original premises became council offices and, in more recent times, were occupied as a hotel. In 2012, the property was standing empty.


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