Magdalen Homes — Bedfordshire-Cumberland

Where available, the 'Places' column shows the accommodation provided for mothers and babies (exact figures could change over time).
Note that over the years, many institutions changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. The accommodation provided, age of those admitted etc. at a home could also vary.


Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Bedford and County Girls' Home, 1 Hill Rise, Park Road North, Bedford1932Mothers and babies; 12s. 6d. Maternity ward in the Home.16m/16bno limit
Bedford Shelter, 32 Brereton Road, Bedford1910Fallen and preventive cases.12no limit
Bedford and County Home, 97 Ashbunham Road, Bedford1919Mothers and babies; 10s. Maternity ward in the Home.12no limit
Luton Shelter, 13 Napier Road, Luton1921Friendless and destitute girls; temporarily; Luton and Dunstable cases, free; others, from 5s.4under 25
Girls' Training Home, 27 Cardiff Grove, Lutonby 1912Fallen and friendless; free.13no limit


Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
St Agnes' Lodge, 1 Laburnham Road, Maidenhead1904Fallen and destitute women; 5s; local cases free.715-25
St Agnes' Lodge, 52 Clare Road, Maidenheadby 1920Fallen and destitute women; 5s; local cases free.215-25
Reading Shelter, 23 Russell Street, Readingby 1930Friendless and fallen; temporarily.8no limit
St Monica's, 37 Christchurch Road, Readingby 1949 x 
Reading Shelter, 41 Russell Street, Reading1911Friendless and fallen; temporarily.6no limit
St Mary's Home, 53-55 Baker Street, Reading1872Fallen girls, daughters of the poor; remain two years. 17-20
The Refuge, 59 Castle Street, Reading1878Local penitentiary cases or discharged prisoners; temporarily; preventive cases 6s. to 10s.314-35
Reading Female Aid Society Shelter, 6 Zinzan Street, Reading1854Fallen and friendless women; temporarily.9no limit
Reading Laundry Home, 61 Castle Street, Reading1891Fallen women and discharged prisoners; from a distance, entrance fee, £5 5s.14Elderly
Rescue Home, Norwood House, King's Road, Readingby 1890 50 
Reading Female Home, Redlands Villa, 4 New Road, Southern Hill, Reading1871Fallen women; temporarily.16under 20
St Mary's Training Home, Challow Road, Wantage16 July 1935Fallen women; entrance fee if possible; remain two years.6615-24
Windsor Refuge, Cambridge Villa, Dorset Road, Windsorby 1920Rescue and preventive cases; free from Windsor; diocesan cases, 3s. 6d.; others 5s.6under 30
House of Mercy, Hatch Lane, Clewer, Windsor1849Fallen women; remain at least two years.8617-40
Windsor Refuge, St Michael's, Dorset Road, Windsorby 1930Rescue and preventive cases; free from Windsor and district; diocesan cases, 3s. 6d.; others by arrangement.6under 30
Wellesley Home Refuge / Preventive Training Home, Vansittart Road, Clewer, Windsor1882Fallen women; 2s. 6d.; from Windsor free. A few permanent cases received, others sent to Homes.12under 30
Windsor Shelter, Winton Cottage, 92 Alma Road, Windsorby 1912Rescue and preventive cases; 6s.; local cases free.2under 30


Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Mid-Bucks Maternity Home, 33 Bicester Road, Aylesbury1928Unmarried expectant mothers; first time only; 10s. from diocese; others 12s. 6d.6under 30
Ayelsbury Shelter, Putnam House, 35 Bicester Road, Aylesbury1919Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily. Local cases 3s. 6d.; others 10s.6no limit
North Bucks Shelter, 10 High Street, Fenny Stratford Fallen and preventive cases.4 
Slough Girls' Welcome, 3 Belgrave Place, Uxbridge Road, Slough1919Rescue and preventive cases; free, from the locality; others, according to circumstances.6under 30


Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Shelter for Girls, 13 Hertford Street, Cambridge1922Fallen or friendless women; temporarily; 7s. 6d.9under 25
Shelter for Girls, 14 Downing Street, Cambridge1854Fallen or friendless women; temporarily; 7s. 6d.9under 25
Cambridge Female Refuge / Home of Mercy, 19 Church (now Christchurch) Street, Cambridge1838From the diocese of Ely, free; other cases £5 per annum when possible. Must remain two years.2515-22
Church Street Mission, 26 Newmarket Road, Cambridgeby 1912Fallen or friendless women; temporarily; 5s.9 
Ely Diocesan Maternity Home, 48 Bateman Street, Cambridge1920Unmarried mothers with first child. Diocesan cases,10s.; others, 12s.14m/10b15-30
Shelter for Girls, 6 Glisson Road, Cambridge1925Fallen or friendless women; temporarily; 7s. 6d.9under 25
Undergraduates' House of Rescue, Rock End, Histon Road, Cambridge1886Fallen women. Cases from a distance 5s. per week. Remain six to eight months. no limit
Ely Diocesan Refuge, The Haven, Elyby 1912Fallen and friendless girls, temporarily; non-diocesan cases, 5s.1213-20


Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Altrincham and Bowdon Home, 12 Willow Terrace, Willow Tree Road, Altrincham1913Friendless girls; from 5s.5under 20
Birkenhead Rescue Home, 205 Oliver Street, Birkenhead1886Unmarried women under 30. Local cases free; others pay entrance fee of 10s. 6d. Remain a few days or weeks. under 30
Birkendhead Rescue Home Waiting Home, 23 Grange Mount, Birkenheadby 1915   
St Faith's Home for Girls, 24 Palm Grove, Birkenhead1912Mothers and babies; local cases 10s.; others 12s. 6d. Remain six months.15m/20b.15-27
Paget House, 45 Westbank Road, Devonshire Park, Birkenhead1932Girls in need of help; temporarily.7no limit
Birkenhead Rescue Home, 7 Euston Grove, Claughton, Birkenheadby 1897Temporarily or for two years. Birkenhead girls free, others £1 1s. entrance fee.1712-20
Birkenhead Rescue Home, Alfred House, 5 Alfred Road, Birkenheadby 1900Birkenhead girls admitted free; for two years. £1 1s. entrance fee with cases from a distance.2814-22
St Margaret's Home, Mersey Road, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead1888Poor penitent girls, rescue and preventive cases.80no limit
Rescue Home, 10 (later 4) Vicar's lane, Chester1883Any class of the fallen; remain about one month.9under 24
Chester Diocesan House of Mercy, 15 Lache Lane, Chester1886Fallen girls from the Chester diocese, fee £1 1s.; others £5.2914-18
House of Shelter, 36 Tarvin Street, Chester1883Fallen girls and women; temporarily.9under 25
Chester Female Penitentiary, Christleton Road, Boughton, Chester1827 2514-29
Crewe Shelter /St Hilda's, 28 Stalbridge Road, Crewe1925Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily.3no limit
House of Refuge, 22St Thomas' Place, Stockport1889Female penitents; free from Stockport, others 4s. 6d.; temporarily.614-24
House of Refuge, 80 (later 91) Chatham Street, Stockportby 1912Female penitents; free from Stockport, others 4s. 6d.; temporarily.514-24


Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Falmouth Shelter, 4 Mount Edgcumbe Villas, Falmouth1921Fallen or friendless girls or women; temporarily; 12s. 6d. when possible.2no limit
St Faith's House of Mercy, St Winnow, Lostwithiel1864The working class; free; remain two years.2112-30
Penzance Shelter, 1 and 7 Penare Road, Penzanceby 1935Girls and women needing help. Payment according to circumstances6m/3bunder 30
Penzance Shelter, 7 Wellington Place, Penzance1908Girls and women needing help. Payment according to circumstances3under 30
Penzance Rescue and Preventive Society, Albert House, Penzance1881Fallen women. Those in danger and children helped; sent to Homes.  
Penzance Shelter, Morwenna, Lescudjack Terrace, Penzanceby 1950.Before and After Care Home.8m/3b 
Truro Diocesan Maternity Home, Mount Prospect, Redruth1916Unmarried mothers; Diocesan cases 7s. 6d. And 15s. Confinement fee; others 10s. And £1 fee.6under 20
Cornwall Preventive and Rescue Association Mothers' and Babies' Home, Rosemundy, St Agnes1917Girls expecting first confinement; Cornish girls, 10s.; others, 15s.; remain three months after confinement.15m/7bunder 25
Laundry Home, Alverton, Truroby 1890Girls after their first fall; £5.  
Epiphany Laundry Home, Mitchell Hill, Truro1885Girls after their first fall; £5 yearly; remain until considered fit to go to service (2 to 2½ years).20under 20
Truro Temporary Shelter, Tabernacle Cottage, Tabernacle Street, Truroby 1930Preventive and rescue cases.3no limit


Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Carlisle Refuge Shelter, 25 Myddleton Street, Carlisle Friendless and fallen; temporarily; free.4no limit
Carlisle Diocesan Refuge, Coledale Hall, 94-96 Newtown Road, Carlisle1886Friendless and fallen; temporarily; free.13no limit
St Mary's Home for Penitents, Newtown Road, Carlisle1872Fallen girls (servant class). From the surrounding district, free. Expected to remain two years. Fee of £5 with those out of diocese of Carlisle.3017-25
Workington Shelter, 8 Dora Crescent, Workington1920Preventive and rescue cases; payment according to circumstances5under 25