Female Asylum / Orphanage, Leicester, Leicestershire

In 1800, a Female Asylum was established in Leicester for 'girls of respectable parentage who have lost one or both parents'. The institution occupied a building on The Newarke at the corner of the Asylum Street (now The Gateway). The premises could occupy around 16 girls.

Those applying for admission had to be at least 12 year old and provide medical certificates and references as to good character. No charge was made except for a payment of £3. 15s. for clothing at the time of admission, and help towards proving an outfit on leaving, which was usually at the age of 16. The inmates were trained in laundry work.

The Asylum is thought to have closed at around the time of the First World War. Part of the De Montfort University's Hawthorn Building now covers the former Asylum site.


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