Children's Homes and Institutions in Washington, USA

(With date of founding, operator, class of children received, and number of male/female inmates in given year.)

  • Orphans' Home, Twenty-second and Highland Streets, Everett
    (1900; Snohomish County Orphanage Association; Orphan children:)
  • Lutheran Children's Home, Parkland
    (1902; Norwegian Lutheran Synod; Orphan and homeless children; 1910:30M/21F)
  • Martha Marie Orphans' Home, Poulsbo
    (1891; Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess Institute of Minneapolis; Orphan children; 1910:47M/18F)
  • Detention Home, 500 Ninth Avenue, Seattle
    (1909; County of King; Neglected and delinquent children, pending action of court; 1910:6M/3F)
  • Seattle Parental School, Mercer Island (East Seattle), Seattle
    (1900; Seattle Public Schools; Truant boys; 1910:68M)
  • Seattle Receiving Home, Sixty-fifth and Jones Streets, Seattle
    (1896; Washington Children's Home Society,; Dependent children for adoption; 1910:14M/5F)
  • Seattle Children's Home, Seattle
    (1885; Ladies' Relief Society of Seattle; Orphan and indigent children; 1910:37M/23F)
  • Spokane Receiving Home, 605 North River Street, Spokane
    (1896; Washington Children's Home Society; Dependent children for adoption; 1910:13M/3F)
  • Orphans' Home of Spokane, East 127 Bridgeport Avenue, Spokane
    (Private organization:)
  • Church Home for Children, East 307 Empire Avenue, Spokane
    (1904; Private corporation (Episcopal); Dependent children:)
  • Home of the Friendless, HemlockSt and Euclid Avenue, Spokane
    (1886; Ladies' Benevolent Society.; Orphan and neglected children; 1910:58M/42F)
  • St Joseph's Orphanage, Superior Street, Spokane
    (1890; Sisters ofSt Francis; Orphan and destitute children; 1910:73M/72F)
  • Children's Industrial Home, South Thirtieth and Washington Streets, Tacoma
    (1890; Private corporation; Orphan, abandoned, and indigent children; 1910:56M/50F)
  • Northwestern Home (Orphan Department), Walla Walla
    (1908; Northwestern Christian Benevolent Association; Orphan and other dependent children:)