Children's Homes and Institutions in Florida, USA

(With date of founding, operator, class of children received, and number of male/female inmates in given year.)

  • Florida Baptist Orphanage, Arcadia
    (1904; Baptist churches of Florida; Orphan children from 3 to 10; 1910:27M/38F)
  • 2 Belleview Orphan's Home, Belleview
    (1901; Woman's Missionary Society; Orphan children; 1910:4M/21F)
  • Orphans' and Industrial Home, 1628 Franklin Street, Jacksonville
    (1894; Orphans' and Industrial Home Association; Orphan and homeless children:)
  • St Mary's Home, 427 Ocean Street, Jacksonville
    (1886; Sisters ofSt Joseph; Orphan girls; 1910:43F)
  • Nettie's Colored Orphans' Home, Orange Hill
    (1894; Private organization; Foundlings and orphan children; 1910:1M/2F)
  • Pearl Eagan Home, 708 East Jordan Street, Pensacola
    (1893; Private corporation; Indigent orphan children; 1910:23M+F)
  • Children's Home, North Florida Avenue, Tampa
    (1898; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children; 1910:34M+F)