Children's Homes and Institutions in District of Columbia, USA

(With date of founding, operator, class of children received, and number of male/female inmates in given year.)

  • Washington Home for Foundlings, 1715 Fifteenth Street NW, Washington
    (1870; Private corporation; Foundlings and boarders; 1910:20M/13F)
  • Washington City Orphan Asylum, 1739 Fourteenth Street NW, Washington
    (1812; Private corporation; Orphan and destitute children; 1910:66M/74F)
  • St John's Orphanage, 1922 F Street NW, Washington
    (1870; Private corporation (Episcopal); Orphan, homeless, and destitute children; 1910:45M/42F)
  • Working Boys' Home, 230 C Street NW, Washington
    (1885; Working Boys' Home and Children's Aid Association; Working and destitute boys; 1910:38M)
  • St Ann's Infant Asylum, 2300 K Street NW, Washington
    (1860; Sisters of Charity; Orphan children and foundlings; 1910:55M/32F)
  • Industrial Home School, 2525 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington
    (1861; District of Columbia; Dependent and delinquent children; 1910:85M/52F)
  • Home for Friendless Girls, 2533 Sixth Street, NW, Washington
    (1887; Woman's Union Christian Association; Orphan, indigent, and unprotected girls, 5 and over; 1910:20F)
  • Children's Temporary Home, 607 Howard Place NW, Washington
    (1899; Private organization; Delinquent, indigent, and neglected children; 1910:31M/25F)
  • St Joseph's Male Orphan Asylum, 924 H Street NW, Washington
    (1854; Sisters of the Holy Cross; Orphan boys; 1910:98M)
  • German Orphan Asylum, Anacostia, Washington
    (1879; Private corporation; Dependent children from 3 to 12; 1910:26M/18F)
  • Bell Home, Anacostia (Station H), Washington
    (1909; Private corporation (Episcopal); Foundlings, orphan, and homeless children; 1910:25M/35F)
  • Industrial Home School for Colored Children, Blue Plains, Washington
    (1907; District of Columbia; Destitute and wayward boys; 1910:48M)
  • St Rose's Industrial School, California Avenue and Phelps Place, NW, Washington
    (1868; Sisters of Charity; Orphan and homeless girls from 14 to 18; 1910:85F)
  • St Vincent's Orphan Asylum, Edgewood, Washington
    (1814; Sisters of Charity; Orphan girls from 4 to 14; 1910:130F)