Children's Homes and Institutions in Fife, Scotland

Abbreviations: AB=Northern Ireland Area Board; IS=Industrial School; LA=Ladies' Association; PL=Poor Law Home;
   Rfy=Reformatory School; SA=Salvation Army; MH=Magdalen Home; MB=Mothers/Babies;
   CS=Certified School; AS=Approved School; CHE=Community Home; LD=List D;
   PHm=Probation Home; PHs=Probation Hostel; BI=Borstal; DC=Detention Centre;
   DB=Barnardo's; WS=Waifs & Strays / Children's Society; NCH=National Children's Home; CC=County Council;
   BC=Borough Council; LC=London Borough Council.

Links marked * are to pages on

  • St John Bosco's School, Hillside, Main Street, Aberdour (AS)
  • Fife Council Home, 41 Drover Hall Avenue, Crossgates, Cowdenbeath (CC)
  • Dunfermline Council Martha Frew Children's Home, Crossford, Dunfermline (BC)
  • Franklin House, 6 Bellyeoman Road, Dunfermline
  • Fife Council Remand Home, Dysart (CC)
  • Fife Council Children's Home, St Margaret's, Williamsburgh, Elie (CC)
  • St Ninian's, Falkland House Estate, Falkland
  • Fife Council Home, 1 Swan Place, Glenrothes (CC)
  • Fife Council Home, 47-48 Greenlaw Crescent, Glenrothes (CC)
  • Glenmar, 34 Prestonhall Road, Glenrothes
  • GlamisHouse, Blair Avenue, Glenrothrd
  • Holiday Home, Kinghorn
  • Kirkcaldy Council St Olaf, 1 East Albert Road, Kirkcaldy (BC)
  • Kirkcaldy Council Family Group Home, 19 Valley Gardens, Kirkcaldy (BC)
  • Sycamore Cottage, 44 Whytemans Brae, Kirkcaldy
  • Fife Council Home, 3 High Street, Leslie (CC)
  • Fife Council St Michael's Home, St Michaels's, Leuchars (CC)
  • Holiday Home, Comerton House, Leuchars
  • Newport Children's Home, Comerton, Earlshall Road, Leuchars
  • Fife Council Children's Home, Greenbanks, Aithernie Road, Leven (CC)
  • Fife Council Linnwood Hall School, Leven (CC)
  • Fife Chidren's Home, Aithernie House, Leven Road, Lundin Links
  • Fife Council Ovenstone Residential School, Pitweenem (CC)
  • Fife Council Sr David's, 37St Mary Street, St Andrews (CC)