Mother and Baby Homes — Lancashire-Lincolnshire

The establishments listed below are believed to have provided at least some accommodation for unmarried mothers and their babies, during at least some of their existence. They include maternity homes, before-and-after-confinement care homes, hostels for pregnant working girls or working mothers, and Irish County Homes. Homes that in their day were labelled Magdalen Homes are listed elsewhere.

Where applicable, the 'Places' column shows the accommodation provided for mothers and babies (exact figures could change over time).
Note that over the years, many institutions changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. The accommodation provided, age of those admitted etc. at a home could also vary.


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Hope House, Friars Lane, Barrow-in-Furness1917   
Blackburn Shelter, 133 Preston New Road, Blackburnby 1935Rescue and preventive cases.6no limit
Hostel for Mothers and Babies, Viewfield, 73 Oozehead Lane, Blackburn1921Unmarried mothers with their babies; payment according to earnings.15under 2
The Grange, Wilpshire, Blackburnc.1946Before and After Care Home.26m/12b 
Fylde House, 141 Hornby Road, Blackpoolby Before and After Care Home.10m/3b 
House of Help, Bank Parade, Burnley1887Fallen women and occasionally unmarried mothers with their infants.6 
St Mary's Home, 108 Manchester Road, Buryby 903Shelter and Before and After Care Home.10m/3b 
St Anne's Diocesan Maternity Home, Simpson Hill, Ryecroft Avenue, Green Lane, Heywood1917Unmarried mothers for confinement; from 7s. 6d. and £1 10s. fee; remain six months.15m/10bunder 0
Girls' Approved School, Meadowcroft, Pope Lane, HuttonApril 24 1968For pregnant girls.8 
Lancaster Girls' Hostel, 7 Queen Street, Lancaster1932Before and After Care Home3m/3b16-22
Laurel House /St Hilda's Mother and Baby Hostel, 1 Linnet Lane, Liverpoolby Before and After Care Home (V.D. cases).16m/10b 
St Faith's Home, 12 Gambier Terrace, Hope Street, Liverpool1920Pre-maternity cases, 10s. Mothers with their babies; local cases 8s.; others 12s. 6d.20no limit
St Monica's Home, 13 Croxteth Road, Liverpoolby 910Before and After Care Home24m/12bover 6
Our Lady's Home for Babies, 14 Holly Road, Fairfield, Liverpoolby Before and After Care Home16m/12b 
Diocesan Maternity Home, 283 Edge Lane, Liverpool1911First maternity cases only; before confinement, remain six months; 7s.; diocesan cases, 5s.12under 3
Liverpool Ladies' Association Cottage Home, 70 Sheil Road, Liverpool1889Unmarried mothers and their babies, mostly from the Workhouse; first cases only; 5s. to 6s. for those outside Liverpool.8m/8bunder 5
Mater Dei Hostel, Berkeley House, Serpentine South, Blundellsands, Liverpoolby Before and After Care Home.15m/10b 
Liverpool Salvation Army Home, Cradlehurst, Edge Lane, Liverpool1907Women in distress with children.30m/20bno limit
Liverpool Salvation Army Home, Elmswood, North Mossley Hill Road, Liverpool1939Maternity Home26m/18b 
Liverpool House of Providence, Kelton, Woodlands Road, Aigburth, Liverpoolc.1908Young unmarried mothers and their babies. Must remain a year.73m/56b 
Liverpool Diocesan Maternity Home and Crèche, St Hilda, 14 Ullet Lane, Liverpoolby 911First maternity cases only; before confinement, remain six months; 10s.; diocesan cases, 8s.18m/30bunder 3
Diocesan Maternity Home, St Hilda, Penny Lane, Wavertree, Liverpoolby 911First maternity cases only; before confinement, remain six months; 13s.; diocesan cases, 8s.14under 3
Salvation Army Crossley Hospital, 13-15 Mitchell Street, Manchester1919Maternity cases; special wards for married women.30no limit
133 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, Manchesterby Maternity Home.22m/12b 
St Agnes' House, 15 Mauldeth Road, Withington, Manchesterby Before and After Care Home.4m/4b 
Ennismore Hostel, 36 Half Edge Lane, Eccles, Manchester1919Unmarried mothers with their first babies; remain until baby is eighteen months old.12under 5
Manchester and Salford Methodist Mission Home for Mothers and Babies, 40 High Street, Chorlton upon Medlock, Manchester1926Mothers and babies.14under 5
Manchester and Salford Methodist Mission Maternity Home and Hospital, 42 High Street, Chorlton upon Medlock, Manchester1903Young unmarried mothers; first cases only; £3 3s. hospital fee.15under 5
St Agnes' House, 54 Upper Brook Street, Chorlton upon Medlock, Manchester1925 2m/2bunder 6
Ennismore Hostel, 85 Regent Street, Eccles, Manchesterby 919After Care Home. Some mothers go out to work after 30 months probationary period).16m/20b 
The Macalpine Maternity Home, Belfield Lodge, 2 Willow Bank, Fallowfield, Manchester1890First cases only (references required); from 10s. and confinement fee, or by arrangement. Minimum stay three months.16no limit
Mrs Macalpine's Maternity Home, Hope House, 23 (later 43) Webster Street, Greenheys, Manchester1890First maternity cases only; of previous good character; payment when possible.10no limit
Salvation Army Homes, Oak Hill Hiouse, Mandley Park Avenue, Higher Broughton, Manchesterby 898Before and After Care Home. Some mothers may go out to work.50m/20bno limit
Refuge for Friendless Girls, 2 Golden Square, Prestonby 894Shelter and Before and After Care Home.2m/2b 
Parkinson House, 68 West Cliff, Prestonby Before and After Care Home.9m/3b 
Adswood, 460 Bury New Road, Salfordby Before and After Care Home.18m/12b13-26
St Teresa's Home, 61 Broom lane, Salfordby Home for unmarried mothers and babies. First cases only.30m/40bover 6
St Margaret's Home, Goose Green, Wigan1883Friendless and fallen; temporarily; free also a few with babies; 5s.18m/10bunder 1


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Hope House, 8 Princes Avenue, Grimsby1913Before and After Care Home5m/2b 
Quarry Maternity Home, Wragby Road, Lincolnby Maternity Home.26m/15b