Certified Schools — Shropshire-Sussex

Note that over the years, many establishments changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. Multiple dates for the same establishment may indicate a change of management or premises.


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Home for Orphan and Workhouse Girls, Chetwynd End, Newport15-Sep-189310-Feb-1898
Edgmond Girls' Home, Edgmond Road, Newport10-Feb-1898 
St Saviour's Home for Girls, 3 Belle Vue Gardens, Shrewsbury 5-Jun-1912 
Home for Friendless Girls, Belmont, Shrewsbury16-Jul-190424-Apr-1911
Leaton Training Home for Girls, Wrockwardine18-Aug-1890 6-Dec-1897


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Bath Preventive Mission and Ladies' Association Children's Shelter and Young Servants' Home, 12 Walcot Parade, Bath 7-Aug-1902 
Williamson Orphan Home for Girls, 2, 6 and 10 Macaulay Buildings, Widcombe Hill, Bath 7-May-1872; 6-Apr-1898; 1-Jul-190225-Jan-1913
Williamson Orphan Home for Boys, 6 Copseland, Claverton Down Road, Bath15-Sep-1893 
Institution of thw Deaf, Dumb and Blind, 8-9 Walcot Parade, Bath 6-Nov-186321-Aug-1896
Hatfield Cottage Home, Lyncombe, Bath 3-Nov-1877 5-Jun-1890
Bath Preventive Mission and Ladies' Association Preventive Home, Walker House, 3 Spencer's Belle Vue, Lansdown Road, Bath27-Jan-1891 
Bridgwater Girls' Training Home, 37 Friarn/Friern Street, Bridgwater 1-Aug-1894 
St Elizabeth's Home for Girls, Prince's Road, Clevedon22-May-190112-Oct-1906
Sunnyside Home for Boys, 2 Sunny Side, Frome15-Jul-1890 1-Nov-1898
St Aldhelm's Boys' Home, Oakfield Road, Frome 1-Nov-1898 
St Saviour's Home for Boys, Park Street, Taunton17-Mar-1884 
St Mary's Orphanage, Brockley Hall, West Town13-Apr-1896 4-Aug-1897


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Barlaston Girls' Home, Barlaston, Barlaston28-Feb-1880; 15-Sep-188017-Jul-1890
Home for Orphan Boys, Oakamoor, Cheadle 7-Jul-1891 
Alsager Bank Cottage Home for Orphans, Newcastle under Lyme20-May-188714-Mar-1894
St Margaret's Home for Girls, Cuttlestone Cottage, Clay Street, Penkridge20-Apr-1887; 13-Sep-1893 
Rugeley Training Home, Brereton, Rugeley 2-Mar-1898 
Shelton Training Home, 11 (later 169) Howard Place, Shelton, Stoke on Trent 3-Jan-189029-Sep-1904
North Staffordshire Training Home for Girls, Cliffe House, Hill Street, Stoke on Trent 5-Aug-1904 6-Nov-1907
Training Home for Destitute Orphan Girls, Clarendon Street, Wolverhampton25-Apr-1870 2-Mar-1881
St Joseph's Home, St John's Square, Wolverhampton15-May-1906 
Training Home for Destitute Orphan Girls, St Jude's Road, Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton 3-Mar-188123-Sep-1896


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
St Faith's Training Home for Girls, Albert Street, Bury St Edmunds12-Sep-1913 
House of Hope / Hope House Orphanage, 158 Foxhall Road, Ipswich1930s 
Home for Friendless Girls, 2 Friar's Road, Ipswich21-Jan-18991926
Handford Home for Feeble-minded Girls, 253-255 Ranelagh Road, Ipswich11-Jun-1898 
Home for Friendless Girls, 434 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich1926 
St Mary's Orphanage, Albion Hill, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich21-Aug-1872 
Preventive Training Home for Girls, 1 Redbridge Hill, Long Melford20-Oct-1911 
Church Home for Girls / Connaught House, 123 High Street, Lowestoft22-May-1895 
Wrentham Cottage Training Home, Alexandra Road, Lowestoft 4-May-1897 
St John's Home for Girls, Beck House, St John's Street, Beck Row, Mildenhall 9-Apr-18841907
Wrentham Cottage Training Home, Wrentham31-Jan-1883 4-May-1897


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Brockham Home and Training School, Brockham17-Mar-1863 
Chertsey School of Handicrafts, Eastworth Road, Chertsey26-Jun-1889 
Gordon Home for Boys, 24 Morland Road, Croydon 7-Jul-1904 
Training Home for Young Servants, 4 Morland Road, Croydon17-May-1904 
St Agnes' Home / Hostel for Girls, 7 Wellesley Road, Croydon 6-Mar-1912 
Albany Training Home, South Street, Dorking 8-Sep-1890 
Albany Cottage Home, Westcott, Dorking11-Nov-1895 
Ladies' Association Training Home for Girls, Wootton Cottage, 19 Horsham Road, Dorking23-Dec-1898 
All Saints' Training Home, All Saints' House, Tilford Road, Farnham 3-Dec-1896 9-Mar-1911
St Michael's Home, Hale, Farnham23-Dec-1896 6-Jul-1900
All Saints' Training Home, Union Street, Farnham 9-Mar-1911 
Cottage Training Home, Longdene Road, Haslemere19-Oct-1892 6-Jul-1895
Princess Louise Home, Gloucester Road, Kingston Hill, Kingston upon Thames 4-May-1894 
Home for Children Suffering from Ringworm, Broom House, West Horsley, Leatherhead 6-Sep-189910-Dec-1911
Ockley Cottage, Ockley28-Jun-1909 
Laleham Home, 54 Blue House Lane, Oxted 5-Oct-1895 3-Mar-1898
St Nicholas' Home for Crippled Children / Orthopaedic Hospital, Sandy Lane, Pyrford 1-Apr-1912 
Orphan Home for Little Girls, Stafford House, Beaufort Road, Reigate14-Sep-1894 8-Nov-1897
MABYS Central Training School, The Mount, Wray Common, Reigate11-Jan-1904 
St Mary's Industrial School, Reigate23-Jun-188415-Sep-1899
Princess Mary Adelaide Training Home, 4 The Green, Richmond 5-Feb-1895 
School of Industry for Girls, Clarence Street, Kew Road, Richmond 9-Feb-1884 4-Jul-1889
National Orphan Home for Fatherless Girls, Ham Common, Richmond 6-Aug-1900 
Cottage Home for Lttle Girls, 60 Parchmore Road, Thronton Heath20-Sep-1897 8-Jul-1898
Princess Mary Village Homes Industrial School for Girls, Addlestone, Weybridge30-Apr-1877