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Children's Homes and Institutions in Nottinghamshire, England

Abbreviations: AB=Northern Ireland Area Board; IS=Industrial School; LA=Ladies' Association; PL=Poor Law Home;
   Rfy=Reformatory School; SA=Salvation Army; MH=Magdalen Home; MB=Mothers/Babies;
   CS=Certified School; AS=Approved School; CHE=Community Home; LD=List D;
   PHm=Probation Home; PHs=Probation Hostel; BI=Borstal; DC=Detention Centre;
   DB=Barnardo's; WS=Waifs & Strays / Children's Society; NCH=National Children's Home; CC=County Council;
   BC=Borough Council; LC=London Borough Council.

Links marked * are to pages on www.workhouses.org.uk.

  • Nottingham Council St Martin's House, 42 St Martin's Road, Bilborough (BC)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Bingham Children's Home, Kirkland House, Kirkhill, Bingham (CC)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Homelea, Bleasby (CC)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Home, 88 First Avenue, Carlton (CC)
  • Nottingham Council The Leys, 103 Greencroft, Clifton (BC)
  • Nottingham Council Greencroft House, 91 Greencroft, Clifton Hampden (BC)
  • Gringley Borstal, Westwell Lane, Gringley on the Hill (BI)
  • Grosvenor House, 1 Grove Street, Mansfield (MB)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Home, Brooklands, Mansfield (CC)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Home, Edwinstowe Hall, Edwinstowe, Mansfield (CC)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Home, Layton Burrow, Mansfield (CC)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Home, The Ridge, Mansfield (CC)
  • Newark Union / Nottinghamshire Council Scattered Home (Girls), Broughton House, 96 Main Street, Old Balderton, Newark* (PL/CC)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Reception and Observation Centre, South Collingham Hall, Newark (CC)
  • Nottingham Council Field House, 127 Foxhall Road, Nottingham (BC)
  • Nottingham Council Hill Crest, 2 Watcombe Circus, Nottingham (BC)
  • Nottingham Council Grove House, 250 Derby Road, Nottingham (BC)
  • Nottingham Council Forest House, 362 St Albans Road, Nottingham (BC)
  • Nottingham Council Redcot, 387 Woodborough Road, Nottingham (BC)
  • Nottingham Council Three Roofs, 70 Milverton Road, Bestwood Park Estate, Nottingham (BC)
  • Nottingham Council Sycamore House Residential Nursery / Reception Home, 700 Mansfield Road, Nottingham (BC)
  • Nottingham Council Red Tiles, 9 Beckhampton Road, Bestwood Park Estate, Nottingham (BC)
  • Midland Institution for the Blind, Clarendon Street, Nottingham (CS)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Forest Lodge Working Hostel for Girls, First Avenue, Forest Fields, Nottingham (CC)
  • Nottingham Council Hazelwood, Forest Grove, Mount Hooten Road, Nottingham (BC)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Hamilton Court Working Boys' Hostel, Hamilton Road, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham (CC)
  • Lowdham Grange, Lambley Lane, Lowdham, Nottingham (BI)
  • Nottingham Council Wollaton House, Radford Bridge Road, Nottingham (BC)
  • Nottingham Borstal, Sherwood, Nottingham (BI)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Home, Brick House, Radcliffe on Trent (CC)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Home, Caudwell House, Southwell (CC)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Bayliss House Working Hostel for Boys, Southwell (CC)
  • Nottinghamshire Council Home, Repton Lodge, Worksop (CC)