Mother and Baby Homes — London SE/SW Postal Districts

The establishments listed below provided at least some accommodation for unmarried mothers and their babies. They include maternity homes, before-and-after-confinement care homes, hostels for pregnant working girls or working mothers, and Magdalen Homes.

Where applicable, the 'Places' column shows the accommodation provided for mothers and babies (exact figures could change over time).
Note that over the years, many institutions changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. The accommodation provided, age of those admitted etc. at a home could also vary.

Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Female Aid Society Mission House / Wandsworth and Battersea Ladies' Association, 3-4 Chivalry Road, Battersea Rise, Battersea SW111880Fallen; temporary Refuge. Maternity cases received before and after confinement.20under 30
St Mary's House, 9 Vicarage Road (now Crescent), Battersea SW11by    
Maternity Hospital, 145 Brixton Hill, Brixton SW2by 887Maternity cases; before and after a first confinement; 5s.8 
Home for Mothers and Babies, 9 Stansfield Road, Brixton SW91885To receive young women of otherwise good character before or after confinement, and restore them, if possible, to their former position. Child boarded out at mother's expense.  
Ballantyne, Lushington Road, Catford SE5by Before and After Care Home.43m/24bover 16
St Mary's Home, 15 Wellington Square, King's Road, Chelsea SW3by 889Maternity cases, before or after confinement. First cases only. Young servants and girls to be placed in service.8under 25
St Mary's Home, 18 Oakley Crescent, Manor Street, Chelsea SW31889Maternity cases, before or after confinement. First cases only. Young servants and girls to be placed in service.8under 25
Day Servants' Hostel, 31 Danvers Street, Chelsea SW31912Unmarried mothers with their babies.15no limit
Fellowship of St Michael and All Angels, 5 Bloomfield Terrace, Chelsea SW1by Before and After Care Home.18m/6b 
St Monica's Maternity Home, 8 Bramerton Street, Chelsea SW3by 1912First confinement cases, 7s. and £1 fee; local cases free.6under 25
Dunbar Lodge, 20 King's Avenue, Clapham SW41928Deaf and dumb unmarried mothers with their babies; also deaf and dumb girls in moral danger.17no limit
Home of the Society of the Good Shepherd, 35 Cedars Road, Clapham SW41896Friendless and fallen women; chiefly maternity cases; 52. before and 7s. 6d. after confinement. A few local cases free.2515-30
Clapham Maternity Hospital, 41 Jeffrey's Road, Clapham SW41889Married women and young girls with first baby, if hitherto respectable. Patients received on commencement of labour.12no limit
Mothercraft Hostel, 49 North Side, Clapham Common SW11by After Care Hostel.18m/18b 
Battersea Hostel, St Mary's House, 32 Macaulay Road, Clapham Common SW41918Mothers and babies; also pre-natal cases; local cases 10s.6d.; others from 12s.6d.16m/6bno limit
Camberwell Home, 24 De Crespigny Park, Denmark Hill SE51909First fall cases; those from Southwark diocese 6s., others 7s. 6d.; without baby 5s.; stay three months.10m/2b14-25
Home of the Good Shepherd, 63 Ongar Road, Fulham SW61901Maternity cases; from 6s.10no limit
Southwark Diocesan Maternity Home, Stretton House, 273 Baring Road, Grove Park SE121928Unmarried expectant mothers (first time); from 10s.; remain 3-4 months after confinement.22/12under 30
Rochester Diocesan Association for the Care of Friendless Girls, 127 Kennington Road, Lambeth SE11888Girls who have been previously respectable before a first confinement. Local and diocesan cases, 5s.9m/4bunder 24
St Thomas' Hostel / Northcote Trust Hostel, 148 Lambeth Road, Lambeth SE11919V.D. cases; payment by arrangement.13/4bno limit
St Anne's Shelter, 26 Berwick Street, Pimlico SW11889Maternity cases; temporarily; 7s.6no limit
Home for Deserted Mothers and Infants, 3 Cumberland Street, Pimlico SW1by 1870   
House of Compassion, 63 Sutherland Street, Pimlico SW11883Maternity cases before and after a first confinement only, and with previous good character; 6s. to 7s.; remain six to twelve months.11under 25
St Anne's Shelter, 67 Denbigh Street, Pimlico SW1by 889Maternity cases; temporarily; 10s.6no limit
Pimlico Ladies' Association, St Elizabeth's Home, 40 Bessborough Street, Pimlico SW1by Maternity cases; first confinement, 7s.; remain not less than six months.1016-22
Pimlico Ladies' Association, St John Baptist's Home, 162 Ebury Street, Pimlico SW11890Maternity cases before or after first confinement; remain six months or longer; 7s.11m/6b15-25
Pimlico Ladies' Association, St John the Baptist Shelter, 16 Ranelagh Grove, Pimlico SW11890Deserted mothers with their infants (only after confinement); remain about six weeks; 5s. to 7s.4under 25
Southwark Diocesan Home and Hostel, 14 Spencer Road / 15 Spencer Walk, Putney SW15by Mothers and babies; Diocesan cases, 10s.; others, 12s. 6d.8m/8bno limit
Putney Home for Mothers and Babies, 15 Genoa Avenue, Putney SW15by Before and After Care Home.12m/8b 
Southern Diocesan Home and Hostel, 82 Chelverton Street, Putney SW15by Mothers and babies, 10s.6m/6bunder 30
Beechwood, Putney Heath Lane, Putney SW15by Before and After Care Home.15m/7b 
Anchorage/Cleevedon Maternity Home, 16-18 Tennison Road, South Norwood SE25by 878For unmarried expectant mothers, and babies under two years of age.16m/20b 
The Retreat, 19 (later 35) Ross Road, South Norwood SE251916Girls before birth of first baby; remain three months after confinement; 12s. 6d. and £1 1s. fee.30 bedsno limit
Southwark Diocesan Home, 47 Haydon's Road, South Wimbledon SW191901Fallen girls; 5s.; confinement fees, £1 1s. local cases free. 5s.; local cases free.12under 25
Southwark Diocesan Home, 56 Gap Road, South Wimbledon SW191901Fallen girls; 10s. and maternity benefit.12under 25
House of Help, 201 Camberwell Grove, Southwark SE5by 899Young unmarried mothers with their babies; 13s. 6d.16no limit
Guy's Hospital Hostel, St Thomas' Street, Southwark SE1by 1912Patients and others (with first children only), desiring amendment of life.  
St Joseph's Home for Mothers and Babies, 188 Clapham Road, Stockwell SW91922R.C. unmarried expectant mothers and mothers with their babies on leaving hospital, first cases only; payment according to circumstances.1015-25
Carisbrooke, 149 Upper Tulse Hill, Streatham SW2by Before and After Care Home.24m/12b 
Mother and Baby Home, 10 Rutford Road, Streatham SW16by Before and After Care Home.13m/7b 
The Babies' Home, 131 Upper Tulse Hill, Streatham SW2 For unmarried mothers and their babies.  
St Anne Mother and Baby Home, 144 Leigham Court Road, Streatham SW16by Before and After Home.20m/10b 
St Christopher's, 179 Tulse Hill, Streatham SW2by Before and After Care Home.12m/12b 
Annesley House, 22A Christchurch Road, Streatham SW2by Hostel for Working Pregnant Girls.15 
The Limes, 5 PalaceRoad, Streatham SW2by Before and After Care Home.15over 15
Brent House, 6 North Drive, Streatham SW16by Before and After Care Home.21m/14b18
St Mary Magdalen Refuge, Russell House, Tooting Bec Gardens, Streatham SW161888Penitent fallen women; free, on application by letter to the Warden or Head Matron; remain two years.35under 40
Princess Alice Emergency Hostel for Mothers and Babies, Castlebar, 46 Sydenham Hill, Sydenham SE26by Before and After Care Home.40m/20b 
The Lambeth Home, 11St Nicholas Street, Upper Tooting SW7by 1920Mothers with their babies; remain one year if possible; from 10s.814-25
Victoria Emergency Hostel, 76 Warwick Way, Victoria SW1by Shelter for Emergency and Post-natal Cases9mover 16
Church Army Home, 64St Ann's Hill, Wandsworth SW181915Unmarried mothers with babies; 10s.9under 30
Unmarried Expectant Mother Home, Grove House, 1 Bolingbroke Grove, Wandsworth Common SW11by Hostel for Working Pregnant Girls.1615-25