Children's Homes and Institutions in Colorado, USA

(With date of founding, operator, class of children received, and number of male/female inmates in given year.)

  • State Home for Children, 2305 South Washington Street, Denver
    (1896; State of Colorado; Dependent and neglected children; 1910:148M/95F)
  • Detention Home, 2844 Downing Street, Denver
    (1903; City and County of Denver; Children awaiting action of court:)
  • Lenox Home for Children, 2949 West Thirty-seventh Avenue, Denver
    (1892; City Temple Institutional Society; Dependent children; 1910:53M/20F)
  • Colorado Children's Home, 3545 Raleigh Street, Denver
    (1892; Children's Home Society of Colorado; Homeless and dependent children; 1910:5M/5F)
  • St Clara's Orphanage, 3801 West Twenty-ninth Avenue, Denver
    (1891; Franciscan Sisters; Orphan and homeless children; 1910:73M/155F)
  • Colorado Christian Home, 4325 West Twenty-ninth Avenue, Denver
    (1906; National Benevolent Association of Christian Church; Orphan children; 1910:7M/14F)
  • Regina Coeli Orphanage, 4825 Boulevard F, Denver
    (1904; Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart; Orphan and homeless girls; 1910:106F)
  • Home League Orphanage, 5050 Newton Street, Denver
    (1896; Home League of America; Orphans, and children of widowed working parents:)
  • E. M. Byer's Home for Boys, 64 West Alameda Avenue, Denver
    (1892; Private corporation; Orphan boys; 1910:26M)
  • Denver Orphans' Home, Colfax Avenue and Albion Street, Denver
    (1877; Private corporation; Needy children; 1910:113M+F)
  • Clifton Training School for Girls, Eighth and Oneida Streets (Montclair P.O.), Denver
    (1892; City Temple Institutional Society; Dependent and homeless girls; 1910:67F)
  • St Vincent's Home, Lowell Boulevard (Highlands Station), Denver
    (1882; Sisters of Charity; Orphan and other homeless boys; 1910:225M)
  • McClelland Orphanage, 106 Lake Avenue, Pueblo
    (1893; Associated Charities of Pueblo; Destitute children:)
  • Sacred Heart Orphanage, Sprague Avenue, Pueblo
    (1903; Franciscan Sisters; Orphan children; 1910:86M/89F)