Magdalen Homes — London E/EC Postal Districts

Although the term 'Magdalen' home or institution has become particularly associated with Ireland's Magdalen laundries, it covers to a much wider range of establishmnents. Rather than indicating the nature of these institutions' facilities or regime, it reflects the circumstances of their inmates — girls and young women who had 'fallen' (or who were considered in danger of doing so), especially those who had become pregnant or involved in prostitution. More...

Where applicable, the 'Places' column shows the accommodation provided for mothers and babies (exact figures could change over time).
Note that over the years, many institutions changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. The accommodation provided, age of those admitted etc. at a home could also vary.

Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Jewish Association Home for the Protection of Girls and Women, 45 Great Prescott Street (now Prescot Street), Aldgate E11928Emergency cases of women and girls in distress.6no limit
British Penitent Female Refuge, 10 North Side of Bethnal Green, Bethnal Green E21829   
Guardian Asylum, 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green E21812Fallen women; free.4016-22
Association Home / The Refuge, 4 The Terrace, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green E21906All classes. Local cases free; others 5s.6no limit
Speedwell Club, 4 The Terrace, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green E21923Girls and women needing help.12under 25
British Penitent Female Refuge, Andrews Road, Cambridge Heath, Bethnal Green E21842   
Poplar Association Home, Bow House, 83 Bow Road, Bow E31924Unmarried mothers with their babies; payment according to circumstances.9under 30
Tower Hamlets Association for Rescue and Preventive Work, The Red Lamp, 137 Bow Road, Bow E3by 889Friendless or fallen; temporarily; free to East End cases.8under 26
Tower Hamlets Association for Rescue and Preventive Work, The Red Lamp, 20 King Street, Tower Hill, Bow EC31889Fallen and friendless; temporarily; free.8under 26
Friends' Rescue Home, 10 Laura Place, Clapton E51890Fallen women; remain about twelve months; free. Preventive cases preferred.15under 23
Salvation Army Rescue Home / Knitting Home / Training Institution, 122 Lower Clapton Road, Clapton E51900   
Salvation Army Knitting Home / Mother and Baby Home, Lanark House, 13 Laura Place, Clapton E51891Young girls; mostly preventive cases.28no limit
Salvation Army Home, Lorne House No. 2, 126-128 Lower Clapton Road, Clapton E28 February 1945Girls and women awaiting admission to the Mothers' Hospital.24m/20bno limit
Rescue Society Home, Ashburnham House, 98 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston E81853The fallen; free; remain twelve months as a rule.2814-25
Islington and Dalston Ladies' Association, Bishop Billing Memorial Mission House, 160 Dalston Lane, Dalston E81881Fallen; temporary refuge.15under 30
Stratford Refuge, 15 Disraeli Road, Forest Gate E7by 883Fallen women from the Diocese, temporarily; free.8no limit
Ladies' Association Mission House, 12 Sparstow Road, Hackney E51896A temporary Refuge for fallen and friendless women.4no limit
Salvation Army Mothers' Hospital, 153-156 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney E51913All classes of girls and women; payment according to circumstances.75m/70bno limit
Salvation Army Maternity Home, 17-19 Devonshire Road, Hackney E9by 888Girls and women awaiting admission to Mothers' Hospital.28m/17bno limit
Salvation Army Rescue /Maternity Home, 183 Amhurst Road, Hackney E81886Girls and women in distress.Girls and women awaiting admission to Mothers' Hospital.48no limit
Shelter for Girls, 2 Kenmure Road, Hackney E81884Fallen women temporarily.  
Salvation Army Receiving Home, 259 Mare Street, Hackney E81884Girls and women in distress.29no limit
Salvation Army Maternity Home, 27-29 Devonshire (now Brenthouse) Road, Hackney E91888Girls and women awaiting admission to Maternity Hospital.42no limit
Ladies' Association Mission House / Hackney & Stoke Newington Refuge, 6 Pembury Road, Hackney E5by 896Fallen and friendless girls, temporarily.6under 30
Ladies' Association Refuge and Maternity Home House, 6-8 Pembury Road, Hackney E5by 896Fallen and friendless girls, and unmarried mothers and their babies.24under 30
Good Shepherd Mission House, Goldsmith's Row, Hackney Road, Hackney E21890Fallen and friendless young women, temporarily.10no limit
Salvation Army Rescue/Maternity Home, Ivy House, 271 Mare Street, Hackney E81893 36no limit
Salvation Army Maternity Hospital, Ivy House, 271 Mare Street, Hackney E81894Girls and women with first baby, 10s. 6d. to 21s.; second cases exceptionally received.36no limit
Holborn DeanerySt Faith's Home, 2 Myddleton Square, Holborn EC1by 901Mothers and babies; also expectant mothers; those outside the Deanery, 10s.9m/4bunder 30
Holborn Deanery Association Refuge, 2 Myddleton Square, Holborn EC11903All classes of destitute women; those outside the Deanery, 5s.8m/4bunder 35
St Pelagia's Home, Etloe House, 180 Church Road, Leyton E51884Fallen women; free; remain two years. Prison cases received.80under 30
St Alban's Diocesan Maternity Home, 40 Cann Hall Road, Leytonstone E111903Girls expecting a first baby. Diocesan cases 5s. per week.8under 30
St Pelagia's Home, 1-2 Church Row (now Newell Street), Commercial Road, Limehouse E141884Penitent fallen women, or those in great danger from evil surroundings.80under 30
Rescue Home, Mitre House, 8 Three Colt Street, Limehouse E1418866s. Per week. 13-17
Rescue Society Temporary Home, 79 Finsbury Pavement, Moorgate EC2by 853   
South West Ham Women's Shelter, 272 Barking Road, Plaistow E131897Fallen and friendless girls, temporarily. 3s.6d. if possible. under 30
St Faith's Shelter, 65 Balaam Street, Plaistow E13by 1912Girls of servant class; 5s. To 7s.6no limit
Manor Cottage, 4 Kerbey Street, Poplar E141878To assist helpless and fallen women to a new start in life.  
All Hallows' Shelter, 47 Aberfeldy Street, Poplar E14by 887Preventive and fallen cases; free; temporarily.3no limit
All Hallows' Shelter, 47 Athol Street, Abbott Road, Poplar E141887Fallen girls; free; temporarily.3under 20
All Hallows' Shelter, 47 Dunkeld Street, Abbott Road, Poplar E14by 887Fallen girls; free; temporarily.3under 20
Rescue and Maternity Home, Manor Cottage, 33 Sturry Street, East India Dock Road, Poplar E141878Fallen women; free; maternity cases.12no limit
Tower Hamlets / Stepney Hostel, 43 Hardinge Street, Commercial Road, Shadwell E11926All classes of women and girls needing help; temporarily.916-35
Providence Row Night Refuge, 50 Crispin Street, Spitalfields E11860All classes of destitute women. Those who are fallen sent to Convent of Good Shepherd if willing.300no limit
Temporary Hostel, Jubilee House, 9 Elder Street, Spitalfields E1by 881Emergency hostel for girls stranded or in trouble. 15-30
Bridge of Hope Mission Refuge, 27 Princes Square, St George in the East E11879Friendless and fallen. A temporary refuge provided until a suitable home can be found.20no limit
Bridge of Hope Mission Refuge, 28 Betts Street, St George in the East E1by 879Destitute, friendless, and in moral danger; 3s. 6d. to 6s.; local cases free.20no limit
Bridge of Hope Traning Home, 38 Betts Street, St George in the East E11879Fallen; free; generally remain a year.5216-22
Temporary Refuge, 29 Stepney Green, Stepney E1by 1890Free.  
Commercial Road Refuge, 31 Arbour Square, Commercial Road, Stepney E11884Fallen girls; not lowest class; a few vacancies for mothers and babies; remain six months; 5s. if possible.9under 20
Rescue Home for Working Girls, 31 Mile End Road, Stepney E1by 1890   
The Refuge Home, 33 Mile End Road, Stepney E11887Free for fallen women under 20 of the lowest class,13under 20
Harlow House, 34 Mile End Road, Stepney E1by 1890Free.  
St Pelagia's Home, Stepney Green, Stepney E11889Mothers, with their first illegitimate children, after confinement. Remain twelve months, free. Others lately fallen.50no limit
Leytonstone Shelter, 5 Vicarage Lane, Stratford E151899Friendless or fallen girls; temporarily; payment by arrangement.3no limit
St Agatha's Refuge, 98 Romford Road, Stratford E15by 884Friendless or fallen girls; temporarily; payment by arrangement.9no limit
Rescue Society Home, Ely House, Carnarvon Road, Stratford E15by The fallen; free; remain 3-12 months. A few maternity cases received.28under 20
St John's Refuge, Linden House, Stratford Green, Stratford E151884To receive fallen girls and young women for a short period before passing them on to Homes, penitentiaries, or to service.  
Association for Friendless Girls' Refuge, Shirley House, 52 Romford Road, Stratford E151883Fallen women, A few mothers and babies received.20under 30
St Mary of Egypt's Home, Water Lane, Stratford E151875The most outcast and destitute women of the fallen class.12no limit
Asylum of the Good Shepherd, Hermon Hill, Wanstead E111921Girls and women for reformation20015-55
Magdalen House, 21 Prescot Street, Whitechapel E11758