Magdalen Homes — Warwickshire-Yorkshire

Where available, the 'Places' column shows the accommodation provided for mothers and babies (exact figures could change over time).
Note that over the years, many institutions changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. The accommodation provided, age of those admitted etc. at a home could also vary.


Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Hope Lodge, 134 Heathfield Road, Handsworth, Birmingham1908Pre- and post-maternity cases; 10 Local Poor Law cases; £1, or with baby 25s.16under 23
Birmingham Ladies' Association (Mrs Rogers' Memorial Home), 276 Monument Road, Edgbaston, Birminghamby 1900Girls from Birmingham, free; others 3s. 6d.2514-20
Day Servants' Hostel, 276 Monument Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham1921Working girls with first child.1618-26
Felix House Refuge, 293 St Vincent Street, Ladywood, Birmingham1910Fallen and friendless; temporarily; small payment except for diocesan cases.715-25
Birmingham Refuge, 35 Braithwaite Road, Sparkbrook, Birminghamby 1930Friendless women and those in difficulty; temporarily.1015-25
The Girls' Shelter, 37 Portland Road, Edgbaston, Birminghamby 1951   
Girls' Night Shelter, 39 Bath Row, Birmingham1888   
Hope Lodge, 51 Clarendon Road, Edgbaston, Birminghamby 1930Pre- and post-maternity cases; 10 Local Poor Law cases; £1, or with baby 25s.30m/30bunder 23
Girls' Night Shelter, 9 Tennant Street, Birminghamby 1915Fallen and friendless girls and women temporarily, at any hour.15under 25
Birmingham Girls' Refuge, 98 Ashted Row, Birmingham1903Friendless and destitute girls; preference given to local cases; payment according to circumstances.6under 20
Girls' Night Refuge, Chapel House, Deritend, Birmingham1883Receiving house, from which girls drafted into suitable Homes or situations.12under 20
Magdalen Asylum and Refuge for Birmingham and Midland Counties, Kirkholme, Clarendon Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham1829Fallen girls; free.4014-18
Mrs Rogers' Memorial Home for Friendless Girls, Penelope Place, 47 Bristol Street, Birmingham1878Young girls who have recently fallen or servants from bad houses. Payment, if from a distance, 6s. a week. 14-20
Birmingham Salvation Army Home, The Hawthorns, Ladywood Road, Birmingham1903Girls and women in distress.58no limit
Ladywood House, Vincent Street, Ladywood, Birminghamby 1897Girls from Birmingham, free; others 4s. 6d.3014-18
Coventry Shelter, 104 Little Park Street, Coventry1914Rescue and preventive cases; 4s. If possible.7under 25
Coventry Ladies' Association, 17 Trafalgar Street, Coventry1895 4under 25
Coventry Shelter, 50 Holyhead Road, Coventryby 1930 12under 30
Coventry Ladies' Association, St Faith's Refuge, 25 Coundon Road, Coventryby 1912Fallen and friendless girls; temporarily; 5s.10under 25
St Faith's Home, St Nicholas Street, Coventry1895Fallen and friendless girls; remain from one to two years.2114-16
St Michael and All Angels Home and Penitentiary, 25 Charlotte Street, Leamington Spa1848If placed by friends, a weekly payment of 3s. 6d., when it can be obtained; if destitute and friendless, free from any locality.3614-16
Leamington Ladies' Association, 5 Satchwell Street, Leamington Spa1896 3under 20
Leamington and Warwick Girls' Shelter, 6 Church Hill, Leamington Spa1925Preventive and rescue cases; temporarily; some local cases free; others from 8s.6under 30
Worcester Diocesan House of Mercy, 6 Milverton Hill, Leamington Spa1855   
Leamington Ladies' Association, Murray House, 9 Church Street, Leamington Spaby 1912Friendless and fallen girls; temporarily.8under 25
Birmingham Laundry and Homes of Industry (Agatha Stacey Home), Enniskerry, 145 Darley Green Road, Knowle, Solihull1893Feeble-minded young women who have had a first fall; 12s. 6d.; permanent cases received.25over 16


Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Kendal Shelter, 1 Springfield Villas, 15 Castle Road, Kendalby 1935Friendless or fallen; temporarily.8no limit
St Monica's Diocesan Maternity Home, 8 Dalton Drive, Sedbergh Road, Kendal1917Maternity cases, 5s. from diocese; others 10s. In addition to .£2 nursing fee.23m/20bunder 25
Kendal Shelter, Redmayne House, Douglas Yard, Kendal1914Friendless or fallen; temporarily.2no limit


Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Free Church Maternity and Training Home, The Retreat, Mere1915First pre-maternity cases; 12s. and £1 1s. For confinement; remain six months.14no limit
Diocesan Refuge, 16 Rolleston Street, Salisburyby 1920Friendless and fallen; temporarily; diocesan cases, free; others, 12s. 6d.8under 30
Diocesan Refuge, Hope House, 56 Mill Road, Salisburyby 1949Shelter and Before and After Care Home.13m/5b 
Diocesan Refuge, St Helen's, Wyndham Road, Salisbury1893Friendless and fallen, temporarily.3under 25
Diocesan House of Mercy, St Mary's Home, St Martin's Church Street, Salisbury1831Fallen women of the poorer classes. Remain two years. £5 on admission.40under 20
Shelter and Training Home for Friendless Girls, St Michael's, Endless Street, Salisbury1882To save young girls from bad surroundings, and rescue the fallen. 5s. per week.  
Swindon and North Wilts Shelter, 41 Belle Vue, Swindonby 1930Girls in moral need or difficulty.614-30
Swindon Shelter, 89 Clifton Street, Swindon1914Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily.515-25


Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Birmingham Laundry and Homes of Industry, Home No.1 1, Arrowfield Top, Alvechurch1892Pure-minded and innocent young women over 16 preferred. £15 12s. a year.20over 15
St Agnes' Hostel, 36 Stourbridge Road, Dudleyby 1949   
St Agnes' Home, 6 The Inhedge, Kate's Hill, Dudleyby 1935Friendless and fallen, temporarily; 4s. 6d.; local cases free.4no limit
St Agnes' Home, 9 Victoria Terrace, Dudleyby 1912Friendless and fallen, temporarily; 4s. 6d.; local cases free.4under 26
Kidderminster Shelter, 208 Hurcott Road, Kidderminster1901Fallen and preventive cases; temporarily.6under 25
Kidderminster Maternity Home, Greenhill Hostel, Chester Road, Kidderminsterby 1930Expectant and nursing mothers with their first child; stay four months if possible; 10s. 6d. before confinement; 12s. 6d. after.12m/20 babiesunder 25
St Faith's Home, 165 Worcester Road, Malvernby 1949   
St Faith's Home, Alexandra Road, Malvern Link1925All classes; temporarily.4no limit
Home Of The Good Shepherd for Girls, Ranelagh Road, Malvern Link1879Fallen girls of working class, or hose from evil surroundigs.3314-21
St Monica's Home, Malvern Linkby 1912Young mothers with babies; first fall only; diocesan cases 5s.; others 6s.6under 30
House of Refuge, 1 Melrose Cottages, Sansome Walk, Worcester1878Fallen girls; temporarily.816-25
Worcester Shelter, 58 Woolhope Road, Worcester1901Fallen girls and others; temporarily.215-24
Worcester Diocesan House of Shelter, Field House, Wyld's Lane, Worcester1878Fallen girls; temporarily.1616-25

East Riding of Yorkshire

Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Driffield Hostel for Girls, 2 Downe Street, Driffield1920Preventive and rescue cases; temporarily.614-30
East Riding Hostel, 31 New Road, Driffieldby 1935Preventive and rescue cases; temporarily.614-30
Hull Sheltering Home, 2 Mason Street, Kingston upon Hull1884Temporary refuge for fallen girls.10no limit
Hull Temporary Home, 24 Nile Street, Kingston upon Hull1862 1516-20
Linden Penitentiary, 25 Nile Street, Kingston upon Hullby 1890Free. Married women not received. Remain six months to two years  
Hull Sheltering Home, 37-39 Peel Street, Kingston upon Hullby 1912Fallen girls and preventive cases; free; temporarily; pre-maternity cases, 3s. 6d.1614-30
Home for Friendless Girls, 40 Clarendon Street, Spring Bank, Kingston upon Hull1886   
Hull Sheltering Home, 78 Beverley Road, Kingston upon Hullby 1930Fallen girls and those in perilous surroundings; temporarily; 5s. if possible.17no limit
Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire Female Penitentiary, Hope House, 199 Anlaby Road, Kingston upon Hull1837Fallen women; payment when possible. Remain two years.2716-25
Hull Female Penitentiary, Hope House, Wincolmlee, Kingston upon Hull1811   
Hull Diocesan Maternity Home, Linnaeus House, 14 Linnaeus Street, Kingston upon Hull1915First maternity cases, 7s. 6d.; extra-diocesan cases additional fee, £2 2s; remain six months.14under 25
Hull Salvation Army Home, Newington House, Lees Walk, Kingston upon Hull1908Girls and women in distress.24no limit
Rescue Home, 1 Aldwark, York1884Free; temporarily.  
Church Army Refuge, 15 Bootham Terrace, Yorkby 1930Friendless and fallen; temporarily; payment according to circumstances.9m/4bno limit
York Shelter, 17 Bishophill, York1903Fallen women; temporarily.8no limit
York Penitentiary Society Refuge for Girls / House of Mercy, 19 Bishophill, Yorkby 1920Fallen women; free; remain two years.2514-25
Church Army Refuge, 31 East Mount Road, York1916Friendless and fallen; temporarily.9m/4bno limit
York Training Home for Girls, Clifton Holme, York1919Rescue cases; remain two years; payment when possible.2716-25
York House of Mercy, Clifton Holme, Water End, York1918Fallen women; remain two years; payment when possible.2716-25
Ladies' Association Rescue Home, Grove House, Huntingdon Road, York1881Fallen girls; temporarily received.6under 30

North Riding of Yorkshire

Name and LocationFounded/ OpenedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Malton, Norton and District Home, Ferndale, 65 Mill Street, Malton1914Friendless and fallen; temporarily.3no limit
Holy Cross Refuge, 74 St Paul's Road, Middlesbroughby 1920Fallen women temporarily; local cases free.8under 25
Holy Cross Refuge, 81 Southfield Road, Middlesbroughby 1949 x 
Holy Cross Refuge, 92 Lothian Road, Middlesbroughby 1930Girls and women needing help; temporarily; local cases free.15no limit
Holy Cross Refuge, Benjamin Street, Middlesbrough1900Fallen women temporarily; local cases free.5under 25
Home for Girls, Blue Hall, Lenthorpe, Middlesbroughby 1890Girls and women in distress.  
St Mary's Mission House, 1 Granby Place, Queen Street, Scarborough1888Fallen women; temporarily; 7s., when possible.12no limit
Scarborough Refuge, 21 Albemarle Crescent, Scarborough1900Girls and women needing help; temporarily; payment where possible.12no limit
St Martin's Rescue Home, 7 Greenfield Terrace, Ramshill Road, Scarborough1884Homeless and friendless girls or women; 3s. 6d. per week, if possible. over 15
Home of Hope, Sitwell Street, Falsgrave Road, Scarborough1873Fallen girls; free; remain two years.1516-30