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Ellendeane Home, Bexhill, Sussex

The Ellendeane Home was established in 1908 at 16 Egerton Road, Bexhill-on-Sea. It was founded by Mrs Edith Mary Bulwer and the Rev. Ernest Selwyn-Yates as a seaside holiday home for children from London.

In 1918, following Mrs Bulmer's death, it continued to be run by Rev. Selwyn-Yates and was turned into a Home for Fatherless Boys. When Rev. Selwyn-Yates died in 1942, he bequeathed £250 to its then superintendent, Miss Jessie G. de Boeck "as a slight recognition of her wonderful goodness, kindness and friendship and help during many years, together with the freehold of 'Ellendeane' in the belief that she will use it in furtherance of the objects and work for which is now used."

In 1943, the home was taken over by the Waifs and Strays Society. It was re-opened in 1946 as one of the Society's first Family Homes where brothers and sisters were kept together.

The home was closed temporarily in 1960, with the then staff and residents being transferred to the St Gabriel's home in Brighton. The home re-opened briefly but in 1963 transferred to larger and more modern premises that had been acquired at 9 Sutherland Avenue, Bexhill, which retained the name Ellendeane.

The Bexhill home was closed for good in 1971, with the residents moving to the Florence Anderson House home at Ramsgate.


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