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Certified Schools — Middlesex-Oxfordshire

Note that over the years, many establishments changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. Multiple dates for the same establishment may indicate a change of management or premises.


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Home for Roman Catholic Pauper Boys, Cranford Hall, Cranford13-Dec-187825-Jan-1882
St Charles School for Roman Catholic Children, Ealing Park Mansion, Ealing 1-Mar-1883 6-Apr-1883
Home for Cripples, 64 Wellington Road, Bush Hill Park, Edmonton28-Sep-1911 
St Saviour's Home for Girls, 47 Harrow View, Harrow10-Dec-1901 
St Saviour's Home for the Feeble-minded, Brent Lodge, Hendon20-Dec-19011902
St Saviour's Home for the Feeble-minded, Hendon25-Apr-189820-Dec-1901
St Vincent's Home for Roman Catholic Crippled Boys, Wiltshire Lane, Eastcote, Pinner31-May-1912 
St Mary's Orphanage / School for Roman Catholic Boys, Southall Lane, North Hyde, Southall 2-Jun-1864
Home for the Training of Destitute Girls for Service, 25 Argyle Road, Castle Hill, West Ealing11-Jun-188425-Oct-1901


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Lee Cottage Home for Girls, 27 Rectory Road, Dickleburgh23-Jan-1884 1-Mar-1897
Rose Cottage Home for Girls, Burston Road, Dickleburgh27-Jul-18801912
Girls' Industrial Institution and Orphanage, 37 Norwich Road, Fakenham24-Dec-187810-May-1904
Norfolk Industrial School for Girls, Holt Road, Fakenham12-Apr-187523-Dec-1878
Laundry Training School, Post Office Street, Fakenham29-Jul-190424-Jun-1907
Ladies' Association / H.E. Buxton Training Home, Breydon House, 56 North Quay, Great Yarmouth 5-Mar-1896 
St Christopher's Home for Boys / Girls, Cromer Road, Hunstanton 3-Oct-1908 
Training Home for Girls, 14 West Parade, Earlham Road, Norwich 6-Jan-1893 9-Jan-1899
Norwich Orphan Home, Chapel Field East, Norwich 8-Apr-1875 
Asylum and School for the Indigent Blind, Magdalen Street, Norwich12-Apr-1875 9-Jan-1914
Orphanage for Training Domestic Servants, Stoke Holy Cross, Norwich24-Nov-1874 3-Dec-1897
Stanley Home for the Maintenance and Education of Poor Girls, Norwich12-Apr-187520-May-1891
Home for Girls and Younger Boys, Reedham Old Hall, Reedham13-Aug-1912 


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
St Gabriel's Home for Girls, Roundhill Lodge, 21-23 Broadway, Kettering29-Jul-1907 
Nazareth House, Leicester (now Barrack) Road, Northampton26-Feb-1891 


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Training School for Girls, Northumberland Street, Alnwick30-Aug-1889 
Morpeth Home of Industry, Bow Villa, Morpeth14-Aug-1896 
Philipson Farm Colony, The Drive, Bet's Lane, Clifton, Morpeth24-May-190713-Dec-1909
School for Roman Catholic Boys, Gibside Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne21-Nov-189817-Apr-1899
Northern Counties' Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, Great North Road, Town Moor, Newcastle upon Tyne 6-Oct-1864 4-Nov-1909
Industrial School Ship 'Wellesley', River Tyne, North Shields11-Jun-1862 
Northumberland Village Homes Industrial School for Girls, Norham Road, Whitley Bay13-Aug-1902 
St Oswald's Home for Girls, Mast Lane, Cullercoats, Whitley Bay26-Jan-1895; 5-Apr-1897 


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Beeston Orphanage, Imperial Road, Beeston30-Jun-1885 
Midland Institution for the Blind, Clarendon Street, Nottingham 2-Nov-186325 Mar 1902
Midland Orphanage and Industrial Training Institution, Friar Street, Old Lenton, Nottingham10-Nov-1911 
Nottingham Day Nursery and Orphanage, High Pavement, Nottingham29-Oct-187830-Jun-1885
Nazareth House, Priory Street, Old Lenton, Nottingham21-Nov-1893 


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Aston Training Home (Mrs Clarke's), Bampton Road, Aston, Bampton 3-Nov-1890 
St Mary's Orphanage for Roman Catholic Girls, Radford, Enstone18-Jan-187219-Sep-1876
Training Home for Friendless Girls, 108 Woodstock Road, Oxford12-Nov-1908 
Training Home for Friendless Girls, 29 Leckford Road, Oxford17-Jan-190212-Nov-1908
Training School for Orphan Girls, Beckley, Oxford12-Jun-1876 8-Oct-1894