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Magdalen Homes — Wales

Although the term 'Magdalen' home or institution has become particularly associated with Ireland's Magdalen laundries, it covers to a much wider range of establishments. Rather than indicating the nature of these institutions' facilities or regime, it reflects the circumstances of their inmates — girls and young women who had 'fallen' (or who were considered in danger of doing so), primarily those who had become pregnant or involved in prostitution. More...

Where applicable, the 'Places' column shows the accommodation provided for mothers and babies (exact figures could change over time).
Note that over the years, many institutions changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. The accommodation provided, age of those admitted etc. at a home could also vary.


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Salvation Army Metropole, 11/12 Moira Terrace, Cardiffby 19201939 48no limit
Kingswood Treborth Home, 379 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff1908 Rescue and preventive cases. Small payment where possible.4016-25
St Margaret's Refuge, 39 Cecil Street, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff1888 Fallen women temporarily, passed on to House of Mercy; from South Wales free. From South Wales free; others £3-5 entrance fee. 14-25
Haven Refuge for Girls, 7 Partridge Road, Roath, Cardiff1910 Friendless and fallen; local cases free.8under 10
St Margaret's Refuge, 78 Claude Road, Cardiffby 1897 A temporary refuge for Fallen Women and Children, who after a short probation are passed on to suitable homes.414-25
St Margaret's Maternity Home, 78 Claude Road, Cardiff1895 Hopeful first fall cases, admitted during pregnancy, kept for two years with their infants. Payment according to circumstances.414-25
St Margaret's House of Mercy, Church Terrace, Roath, Cardiff1881 Fallen women from South Wales, free; others, £3 to £5 entrance fee. From South Wales free; others £3-5 entrance fee.20under 25
St Margaret's Children's Home, Church Terrace, Roath, Cardiff1891 Children of immoral propensities or from immoral surroundings. Kept until 18 years of age. From £6 a year.288-12
Salvation Army Home, Hope Lodge, 21-22 Moira Terrace, Cardiff1917c.1922Unmarried mothers and their infants.20 
Convent of the Good Shepherd, Ty-Gwyn Road, Pen-y-lan, Cardiff1872 Penitents and girls in danger. Free.13013-50
Diocesan Deaconess Institution / House of Mercy, Redlands Road, Penarth1893 Fallen women. Working class, 3s.; middle class, 7s. 6d. to l0s.; superior class, 20s. Preference given to diocesan cases. A few destitute cases free.1015-19
Penarth House of Mercy, Penarth1862 Payment £5 if possible.40under 20
Cwmdonkin Shelter, 1/1A Clifton Hill, Swansea1921    
Cwmdonkin Shelter, 10A (later renumbered 67) Heathfield, Swanseaby 1949  8m/6b 
Diocesan House of Mercy, Eastmoor Park, West Cross, Swansea1891 Fallen girls of servant class; diocesan cases free.1614-25
Cwmdonkin Shelter, Terrace Road, Cwmdonkin Park, Swansea18871921Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily.  


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Nantyderry Maternity Home and Hostel, Nantyderry House, Nantyderry, Abergavenny1920 Working-class girls about to become mothers; 15s; remain six months.12under 30
St Faith's Home, 15 Clytha Square, Newportby 1930 Fallen and friendless girls; local cases free.1014-18
St Faith's Home, 3 Clifton Place, Newportby 1920 Fallen and friendless women; local cases free.914-20
St Faith's Home, 5 Brynderwen Road, Maindee, Newport1907 Fallen women.  
Newport Industrial Home, 9 Cardiff Road, Newport1865 Fallen women; remain two years; free on personal application.1715-30
Children's Rescue Home, St John Baptist Mission House, Oakfield Road, Newport18821940Fallen children and those in danger. Payment according to circumstances.55under 11


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
St Winifred's Home / Diocesan House of Mercy, Tenby1883 Fallen women; free for diocesan cases, with £3 entrance fee; extra-diocesan cases £5. Remain at least two years. under 25