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Children's Homes and Institutions in Department of Puy-de-Dôme, France

(With foundation or opening date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Orphelinat de l'Hospice d'Aigueperse, Aigueperse
    (1696; SCI; xF; from 5-12 years)
  • Orphelinat de l'Hospice de Billom, Billom
    (1240; SVP; xF; from 7-15 years)
  • Orphelinat de la Providence, Billom
    (1846; SMI; 42F; from 7 years)
  • Orphelinat Agricole de Saint-Sauveur, Cellule
    (By 1896; PEM; 25M; from 9-13 years)
  • Orphelinat de Châteldon, Châteldon
    (1870; SPC; 7F)
  • École de Sourds-muets, Chaumont
    (By 1896; FSC; Deaf-dumb boys; 30M)
  • Orphelinat Saint André, Avenue de l'Observatoire, Clermont-Ferrand
    (By 1896; FEC; xM; from 3-7 years)
  • École d'Aveugles, Rue de l'Espérance, Clermont-Ferrand
    (1851; SVP; Blind of both sexes; 50M+F; from 9-14 years)
  • Orphelinat Saint Joseph, Rue du Nord, Clermont-Ferrand
    (1876; xM)
  • Refuge du Bon Pasteur, Rue Saint Allyre, Clermont-Ferrand
    (By 1869; SJT; 70F; from 13-18 years)
  • École de Sourdes-muettes, Clermont-Ferrand
    (1820; SJT; Deaf-dumb girls; 50F)
  • Orphelinat de la Providence, Clermont-Ferrand
    (1836; SDM; 100F; under 12 years)
  • Orphelinat du Refuge, Clermont-Ferrand
    (By 1896; SJT; xF; from 5 years)
  • Maison de Famille, Clermont-Ferrand
    (1890; SJT; xF)
  • Orphelinat de l'Hospice de Cunlhat, Cunlhat
    (1860; Lay; 34F)
  • Orphelinat de la Miséricorde, Gerzat
    (1855; SMI; 4F)
  • Orphelinat-ouvroir de la Providence, Issoire
    (1854; SJT; 100F; from 3 years)
  • Orphelinat de l'Hospice de Loubeyrat, Loubeyrat
    (1880; SIC; xF)
  • Orphelinat de l'Hospice de Montaigut, Montaigut
    (1762; SDM; xF; from 5-6 years)
  • Orphelinat de l'Hôpital Général de Riom, Riom
    (By 1848; SVP; 45F)
  • École de Sourds-muets, Royat
    (By 1896; FSG; Deaf-dumb boys; 50M; from 7-14 years)
  • Orphelinat du Bon Pasteur, Saint-Dier
    (By 1896; xF)
  • Orphelinat de l'Hospice de Thiers, Thiers
    (1769; SCI; 52F)
  • École de Sourdes-muettes, Veyre-Monton
    (By 1896; PFL; Deaf-dumb girls; 30F)