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Children's Homes and Institutions in Minnesota, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Children's Home, Fifteenth Avenue east and Fifth Street, Duluth
    (1883; Private corporation; Orphan and needy children; 54M/36F)
  • St James's Orphan Home, Woodland Street, Duluth
    (1900; Sisters of St Benedict; Catholic orphan children; 134M/120F)
  • Lake Park Orphans' Home, Lake Park
    (1895; United Norwegian Lutheran Church; Orphan and dependent children; 58M/35F)
  • St Otto's Orphanage, Second Street, Little Falls
    (1895; Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception; Orphan and homeless children; 52M/41F)
  • Sacred Heart Home, 827 South Baker Avenue, Mankato
    (1879; Calced Carmelite Nuns; Destitute orphan children; 12M/4F)
  • Catholic Orphan Asylum, Chicago Avenue and Forty-sixth Street, Minneapolis
    (1878; Sisters of St Joseph; Orphan and dependent boys; 113M)
  • Sheltering Arms, Forty-fourth Street and Riverside Boulevard, Minneapolis
    (1880; Private corporation (Episcopal); Orphan and destitute children; 36M/31F)
  • Washburn Memorial Orphan Asylum, Nicollet Avenue and Fiftieth Street, Minneapolis
    (1883; Private corporation; Orphan children; 54M/39F)
  • Glen Lake Farm School for Boys, Hopkins P.O., Minnetonka
    (1907; County of Hennepin; Delinquent boys; 24M)
  • State Public School, State Avenue, Owatonna
    (1885; State of Minnesota; Dependent and neglected children; 167M/65F)
  • Protestant Orphan Asylum, 670 Marshall Avenue, St Paul
    (1865; Private corporation; Orphan children; 28M/20F)
  • Catholic Orphan Asylum, 933 Carroll Street, St Paul
    (1860; Sisters of St Joseph; Orphan and abandoned girls; 117F)
  • St Joseph's German Catholic Orphan Asylum, Randolph Street, St Paul
    (1877; Private corporation; Orphan children; 61M/60F)
  • Wild Rice Orphanage, Twin Valley
    (1898; Norwegian Lutheran Synod; Dependent, indigent, and neglected children; 45M/35F)
  • Vasa Orphans' Home, Vasa
    (1965; Swedish Lutheran (Augustana Synod); Orphan children; 43M/22F)
  • St Joseph's Orphanage, Wabasha
    (1908; Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother; Orphan and neglected children; 33M/30F)