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Children's Homes and Institutions in RhodeIsland, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • St Andrew's Industrial School, Barrington
    (1893; Private corporation (Episcopal); Orphan neglected, and indigent boys; 35M)
  • Bristol Home for Destitute Children, Bristol
    (1875; Churches of Bristol; Friendless and destitute children)
  • St Mary's Orphanage, 128 Fifth Street (East Providence), Providence
    (1879; Private corporation (Episcopal); Needy children under 8; 39M/29F)
  • Providence Shelter for Colored Children, 20 Olive Street, Providence
    (1838; Private corporation; Orphan and Indigent children; 11M/10F)
  • Children's Friend Society, 23 Tobey Street, Providence
    (1835; Private corporation; Indigent children; 32M/33F)
  • Rhode Island Home for Working Boys, 42 Park Street, Providence
    (1898; Private corporation; Orphan boys.)
  • St Aloysius' Home, 473 Prairie Avenue, Providence
    (1850; Sisters of Mercy; Orphans from 6 to 12; 86M/125F)
  • Rhode Island S.P.C.C. Receiving Home, 98 Doyle Avenue, Providence
    (1882; Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children; Neglected, abused, and abandoned children; 3M/5F)
  • St Vincent de Paul's Infant Asylum, Regent Avenue, Providence
    (1891; Sisters of Divine Providence; Orphans and abandoned children under 6; 70M/74F)
  • State Home and School, Providence
    (1885; State of Rhode Island; Dependent, neglected and abused children; 98M/85F)
  • Franciscan Sisters' Orphanage, 48 Hamlet Avenue, Woonsocket
    (1904; Franciscan Missionary Sisters; Orphan children; 60M/56F)
  • St Vincent de Paul's Home, 62 Pond Street, Woonsocket
    (1905; Sisters of St Francis; Orphan children; 24M/25F)
  • Day Nursery and Children's Home, Cass Avenue, Woonsocket
    (1889; Private corporation; Orphan children from 2 to 12)