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Mother and Baby Homes — London N/NW Postal Districts

The establishments listed below are believed to have provided at least some accommodation for unmarried mothers and their babies, during at least some of their existence. They include maternity homes, before-and-after-confinement care homes, hostels for pregnant working girls or working mothers, and Irish County Homes. Homes that in their day were labelled Magdalen Homes are listed elsewhere.

Where applicable, the 'Places' column shows the accommodation provided for mothers and babies (exact figures could change over time).
Note that over the years, many institutions changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. The accommodation provided, age of those admitted etc. at a home could also vary.

Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
St Margaret's, 218 Camden Road, Camden N16by 1949 Before and After Care Home.9m/5b 
Mother And Baby Home, Henry Carter House, Camden Square, Camden NW119531954   
St Helena's Convalescent Home, Thorverton Road, Cricklewood Lane, Cricklewood NW21895by 1953Girls who, though once fallen, are now in service and require a holiday, and others, 5s.; mothers and infants, 1s. 6d., first fall only. No infectious cases.13m/6bunder 26
Hornsey Deanery Refuge, Beacon Lodge, 25 Eastern Road, East Finchley N2by 1935 Fallen and friendless girls; 10s. Before and 12s.6d. After confinement; Hornsey Deanery cases free.20m/12bunder 30
Church Army Home, 'Crathorne', Oak Lane, East Finchley N21914 Certified feeble-minded mothers from local authorities and others, with infants.20over 16
Hampstead Mother and Baby Home, 17 Daleham Gardens, Hampstead NW3by 1949 Before and After Care Home.14m/7bover 17
Hampstead Hostel for Mothers and Babies, 43 Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead NW31927 Unmarried mothers with their babies, for three months; 10s.10under 30
Hampstead Hostel for Mothers and Babies, 7 Fitzjohn's Avenue, Hampstead NW3by 1935 Unmarried mothers with their babies, 10s. Stay till babies are 1 year old.15under 30
Quadrant Hostel, 20-22 Highbury Quadrant, Highbury N51918 Before and After Care Home (V.D. cases).24m/10b16-25
Kingsway House, 28 Highbury Grove, Highbury N519511958After Care Hostel. Mothers go to dialy work and babies to local Day Nurseries.16m/16b 
St Nicholas' Home for Mothers and Babies, 31 Highbury Hill, Highbury N51928 Unmarried R.C. mothers with a first child; also expectant mothers.12m/12b17-26
Highbury Salvation Army Hostel, Field View, 17 Highbury Terrace, Highbury N5by 1920 Unmarried mothers with their infants.23m/20bno limit
Mother and Baby Home, Hopedene, 15 Aubert Park, Highbury N519631985   
St Pelagia's Home, 25-27 Bickerton Road, Highgate N19c.1892 Mothers, with their first illegitimate children, after confinement. Remain twelve months, free. Others lately fallen.50no limit
St Pelagia's Home, Sacred Heart Convent, 34 West Hill, Highgate N6c.1918 Mothers, with their first illegitimate children, after confinement. Remain twelve months, free. Others lately fallen.97m/56bno limit
St Joseph's Maternity Home, Sacred Heart Convent, 34 West Hill, Highgate N6by 1949 Maternity Home withSt Pelagia's.97m/56bno limit
West London Mission Maternity Hostel, 35 Parkhurst Road, Holloway N71923 Expectant mothers, suffering from V.D.; payment according to circumstances.11no limit
Red Gables, 113 Crouch Hill, Hornsey N8by 1964 Before and After Care Home.15m/12b 
35 Eastern Road, Hornsey N2by 1956 Lying-in Home14m 
Kilburn Maternity Home, 88 Carlton Vale, Kilburn NW61882 Girls having a Queen Charlotte's letter received before and after confinement; 5s. where possible.10under 30
Paddington andSt Marylebone Ladies' Association Home / Main Memorial Home, 141 West End Lane, Maida Vale NW6by 1935 Maternity cases and others, 10s.14m/ 7bunder 30
Queen Charlotte's Lying-in / Maternity Hospital, 191 Marylebone Road, Marylebone NW11752 Women for their confinement with subscriber's letter.70no limit
St Margaret's Home, 193 Albany Street, Marylebone NW11888 Fallen women before and after confinement; 5s. Friends must arrange to take charge of child when a fortnight old.11under 30
London Diocesan Hostel, Guilford House, 92/94 Torrington Park, North Finchley N12c.1950 Before and After Care Home.28m/14bover 15
National Association for Feeble-minded Home, 'Wolseley', Woodside Avenue, North Finchley N121902 Feeble-minded mothers from Workhouses, 10s.; with infants, 15s.15no limit
St Cyprian's Bethesda, 38 Charlbert Street, St John's Wood NW8by 1912 Young servants, etc. Maternity cases, 5s.; Penitentiary cases, 2s. 6d. Remain 2 years.1614-18
Crossroads Club, 88-90 Alexandra Road, St John's Wood NW81919 Girls of previous good character; 15s. Also mothers and babies.40under 52
Mayfair Union Maternity Home, St Agatha's Home, 48 St John's Wood Road, St John's Wood NW81903 Superior servants and others, 7s. Remain 6 months.12m/6b14-25
Mayfair Union Maternity Home, St Agatha's House, 39 Lancaster Road, St John's Wood NW3by 1935 Superior servants and others; 10s. After birth of child. Remain 3 months.10no limit
St Mary's, 153 Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington N161918 Unmarried mothers; 7s. 6d. before and 12s. 6d. after confinement. Remain at least one year.22m/12b16-20
Crossways Maternity Home, 9 Amhurst Park, Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington N161912 Before and After Care Home.23m/19bno limit
Salvation Army Maternity Home, Cotland, 9 Amhurst Park, Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington N161912 Girls and women awaiting admission to Mothers' Hospital. Later Before and After Care Home.38m/19bno limit
Salvation Army Home, Hillsborough House, Rookwood Road, Stoke Newington N161918 Girls before and after admission to Maternity Hospital, 7s. 6d.17m/20bno limit
Salvation Army Maternity Home, Lorne House No.1, 16 Rectory Road, Stoke Newington N161909 Girls awaiting admission to Maternity Hospital.12no limit
St Mary's Shelter, 34 Craven Park, Willesden NW101908 Fallen and friendless girls; maternity cases temporarily. Payment according to circumstances.1014-30
Our Lady's Hostel for Business Girls, Willesden NW1019281940