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Children's Homes and Institutions in Department of Lozère, France

(With foundation or opening date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Orphelinat de La Canourgue, La Canourgue
    (1871; SVP; 14F; from 4-12 years)
  • Orphelinat Agricole de Sainte-Marie, Les Choisinets
    (1862; FEC; 50M; from 7-17 years)
  • Orphelinat de l'Asile de Malzieu-Ville, Malzieu-Ville
    (1866; SVP; 14F; from 5-7 years)
  • Orphelinat de la Miséricorde, Marvejols
    (1846; SVP; 60F; from 12-14 years)
  • Orphelinat de la Providence, Mende
    (1820; SPD; 60F; from 10-12 years)