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Magdalen Homes — Derbyshire-Essex

Although the term 'Magdalen' home or institution has become particularly associated with Ireland's Magdalen laundries, it covers to a much wider range of establishments. Rather than indicating the nature of these institutions' facilities or regime, it reflects the circumstances of their inmates — girls and young women who had 'fallen' (or who were considered in danger of doing so), primarily those who had become pregnant or involved in prostitution. More...

Where applicable, the 'Places' column shows the accommodation provided for mothers and babies (exact figures could change over time).
Note that over the years, many institutions changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. The accommodation provided, age of those admitted etc. at a home could also vary.


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Derby and Derbyshire Association for Help and Protection of Girls, 32 Long Row, Belperby 1897 Fallen and friendless girls and children; temporary shelter.  
Chesterfield Rescue Home, 3 Fairfield Place, Chesterfieldby 1949    
Chesterfield Rescue Home, Magdalen Cottage, Church Lane, Chesterfield1910 Fallen and friendless; free; temporarily.2no limit
Chesterfield Rescue Home, Magdalen House, 2 Cromwell Road, Chesterfieldby 1920 Fallen and friendless; temporarily; local cases free.7no limit
Derby and Derbyshire Association for Help and Protection of Girls, 18 Leopold Street, Derby1882 Fallen and friendless girls and women; free; temporarily; payment when possible.6no limit
Derby Temporary Home, 54 Henry Street, Derby1882 Fallen girls; then sent to Homes by the Derby Association for Help of Girls.  
Derby Temporary Home, 55 Gerard Street, Derbyby 1930 Friendless girls and women; temporarily; payment when possible.7no limit
Derby and Derbyshire Home for Penitent Females (St Margaret's Home), 6 Bass Street, Derby1857 Fallen women; entrance fee £2 2s. to £5 5s.; cases under 15, 5s. weekly, paid quarterly in advance.2315-18
Derby and Derbyshire Association for Help and Protection of Girls, 72 Normanton Road, Derbyby 1897 Fallen and friendless girls and children; temporary shelter.  


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Barnstaple Shelter, 107 Newport Road, Barnstapleby 1930 Fallen and friendless; temporarily; local cases free.8under 30
Barnstaple Shelter, 28 Carrington Terrace, Yeo Vale, Barnstaple1915 Fallen and friendless; temporarily; local cases free; also a few mothers and babies.8under 30
Devon House of Mercy, Coombe Lane, Bovey Tracy18631940Fallen women; £5 a year; period of training according to circumstances, generally two years.7015-25
House of Rest, 14 (later 11) Friars Walk, Exeter18801903Fallen girls.7under 20
St Mary's Home, 25 St Mary Arches Street, Exeter1917 Medical cases through local authorities.7no limit
St Elizabeth's Home, 26 Bartholomew Street West, The Mint, Exeter1919 Women and girls in need; temporarily 8s.8under 30
St Olave's Ladies' Association Home, 32 Bartholomew Street East, Exeter1903 Friendless and fallen women, 6s.; mothers and babies, 8s.12m/8bno limit
St Olave's Ladies' Association Home (The Shelter), 33 Bartholomew Street East, Exeter  First fall cases.5no limit
Home for Fallen Women, 44 Bartholomew Street West, Exeter1861 Fallen women; free.1717-29
Rescue Home, 8 Melbourne Place, Exeterby 1890 Temporary home for fallen girls, or those in danger of falling.  
Devon and Exeter Home of the Holy Innocents, Franklyn Street,St Thomas, Exeter1927 Young fallen girls; also preventive cases. Feeble-minded also received.1716-20
Devon and Exeter Female Penitentiary / Home of Refuge / Home of the Good Shepherd, Holloway Street, Exeter1819 Fallen women; payment if possible. Usually remain two years. Cases that have been in another Home not admitted.5015-25
The Refuge, 1 Market Square, Stonehouse, Plymouthby 1890 Fallen women.  
Salvation Army Laundry Home, 100 King Street, Plymouth1901 Girls and women in distress.42no limit
House of Mercy / Peace, 157 North Road, Plymouth1859 Fallen women.5018-24
St Margaret's Preventive and Rescue Home, 17 Portland Villas, Plymouthby 1920 Fallen, preventive and doubtful cases; free; temporarily.2012-16
The Threefold Cord / Refuge for Fallen Women, 2 Octagon Street, Plymouth1880  615-30
Salvation Army Rescue Home, 2 The Octagon, Plymouthby 1890 Girls and women in distress.  
The Refuge, 3 Gascoigne Place, Plymouth1881 Fallen women; temporarily, prior to entering a Home or situation.  
Salvation Army Rescue Home, 72 Mutley Plain, Plymouthby 1902 Girls and women in distress.  
St Margaret's Home, 8 Octagon Street, Plymouth1880 Fallen and preventive cases; free; temporarily.614-26
Mayflower Maternity Home, Abbotsfield, Seymour Road, Mannamead, Plymouthby 1920 Unmarried mothers with their babies.21m/15bno limit
Salvation Army Rescue Home, Cleeve Villa, Ford Park Lane, Mutley, Plymouth1889 Girls and women in distress.26no limit
Plymouth, Devonport, and Stonehouse Female Penitentiary, Hampton House, Ebrington Street, Plymouthby 1935 Women in moral danger; remain at least a year; payment according to circumstances.26no limit
Plymouth, Devonport, and Stonehouse Female Penitentiary, Hampton House, Ham Street, Plymouth1809 Fallen women and those in moral danger; remain at least a year; payment according to circumstances.35under 30
St Ursula's Maternity Refuge, St Ursula's House, Edith Avenue, Plymouth  Maternity cases; 6s.; diocesan cases, 5s.814-25
Salvation Army Home, Weston Lodge, Mannamead, Plymouth1921 Girls and women in distress.22no limit
Cottage Home, Mary Tavy, Tavistockby 1890  7 
Torquay Church Refuge, 12 Bexley Terrace, Torrre, Torquayby 1920 Fallen women from Torquay, free; others 3s. 6d. to 5s.; temporarily.315-30
Church Refuge Home, 2 Beaufort Cottages, Avenue Road, Torre, Torquay1888 3s. 6d. A week for local cases; others 5s.2 
Torquay Church Refuge /St Anne's Girls' home, 3 Bampfylde Road, Torquayby 1949    
Torquay Door of Hope, 3 Lymington Terrace, Upton Road, Torquay1887 Fallen women and friendless girls. no limit
Torquay Door of Hope, St Marychurch Road, Torquayby 1912 Fallen girls; entrance £1 1s.; mother and infant, 2s. 6d.13 


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Free Church Rescue and Training Home, 189 Richmond Park Road, Bournemouth1911 Fallen girls and women and those in danger, 7s. 6d.; some local cases free; mothers with infants, 3s. 6d.9over 14
Free Church Maternity and Training Home, 3 and 11 St Alban's Avenue, Lower Charminster Road, Bournemouthby 1930 First maternity cases; 10s. from locality; others 12s. 6d.: remain at least two months after confinement.24m/12bover 14
Free Church Rescue and Training Home, 3 St Alban's Avenue, Lower Charminster Road, Bournemouthby 1920 First maternity cases; 10s. from locality; others 12s. 6d.: remain at least two months after confinement.12over 14
St Thomas' Lodge, 6 Charminster Road, Bournemouthby 1912 Fallen and friendless; free; temporarily.8no limit
St Thomas' Refuge, King's Road, Bournemouth1896 Fallen and friendless; free; temporarily.5no limit
Salisbury Diocesan Shelter, 37 Glyde Path Road, Dorchesterby 1930 Friendless and fallen women and girls; temporarily.1no limit
Poole and Parkstone Refuge, Oak Tree Lodge, Pottery Road, Parkstone1911 Any girl needing help; local cases free; others 7s. 6d.614-23
Diocesan Association Home, St Gabriel's, 20 Great George Street, Weymouthby 1920 Friendless and fallen; temporarily.7no limit
Ladies' Association Training Home for Girls, St Gabriel's, 40 East Street, Weymouth by1920Friendless and fallen; temporarily.7no limit
The Shelter, Weymouthby 1885    
The Shelter, Weymouthby 1890 To shelter girls before being sent to training homes or penitentiaries away from Weymouth.2 

County Durham

Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
St Monica's Home, North Bondgate, Bishop Auckland19091946Unmarried mothers 5s.; and their babies 2s. 6d.12m/12bunder 25
St Agnes' Home, 30 Clifton Road, Darlington1910 Fallen; temporarily; 5s.; local cases free.4no limit
Home For Friendless Girls /St Catherine's Home, 111 Framwellgate, Durham1882 Prison cases, friendless and inebriates.20 
County Penitentiary /St Mary's Home, 7 Kepier Terrace, Gilesgate, Durham18511960Penitent fallen women, admission free. Must remain eighteen months.25under 30
Temporary Home, 9 Cross Street, Durhamby 1890    
Temporaray Home and Free Registry Office, 9 Cross Street, Durhamby 1885    
Durham Diocesan Home, St Catherine's Home, 24 (later 25) Allergate, Durham18521938Prison cases, friendless, inebriates and young girls after first fall; 4s., or £5 fee.23under 30
Sydney House, The Peth, Durhamby 1949 BAAF2001.  
St Faith's Hostel, 4 King James Street, Gateshead1909 Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily.8no limit
St Verca's Home, 388 South Eldon Street, South Shieldsby 1930 Fallen and generally destitute.1314-30
St Verca's Home, 9 Challoner Terrace, South Shieldsby 1920 Fallen and generally destitute.1314-30
Salvation Army Home, Caldwell House, Harton, South Shields1906 Girls and women in distress.27no limit
St Verca's Home, South Shields1894 Fallen and generally destitute (a " place of detention").1314-30
Victoria Home, South Shields1894 Fallen and generally destitute.1316-25
Milne House, 33 Norfolk Street, Sunderland1893 Homeless and destitute girls; temporarily.1315-25
Temporary Home for Girls., Nile Street, Sunderlandby 1890 Poor fallen girls; temporarily.  
Wearmouth Deanery Refuge, St Agatha's Refuge, 17 Murton Street, Sunderland1912 Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily.16no limit


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Brentwood Shelter, 142 Ongar Road, Brentwoodby 1912by 1920Friendless and fallen; free.2no limit
Brentwood Shelter, King Edward's Road, Brentwoodby 1920 Friendless and fallen; free.4no limit
Buckhurst Hill Shelter, St Alban's, Queen's Road, Buckhurst Hill1901 Fallen women and those in moral danger; local cases free. Payment where possible.5no limit
Bartletts, 384 Baddow Road, Chelmsfordby 1949    
Hope Cottage, Fairfield, Chelmsford1922 Girls and women needing help : those from the Diocese 1s. a night; others, 1s. 6d.616-25
Chelmsford Diocesan Maternity Home, The Red House, 98 Tilkley Road, Coggeshall19251933Unmarried Girls before first confinement; 7s. 6d. from Diocese; others, 10s.; remain six months.7under 30
Colchester Diocesan Refuge, Bays' House, 1 Trinity Street, Colchester19121938Fallen women; temporarily.10no limit
Colchester Female Refuge, Standen House, 38 Gladstone Road, Colchesterby 1912 Fallen women; temporarily.6no limit
Colchester Female Refuge, Stowting Villa, Mersea Road, Colchesterby 1900 Fallen women; temporarily.6no limit
Dunmow Maternity Home, Great Easton, Dunmow1897 First maternity cases before confinement; 7s.; remain six months. Diocesan cases, 5s.814-25
Diocesan House of Mercy, Toldish Hall Road, Great Maplestead1866 Fallen women; some cases free; remain two years.50under 30
St Mary's Home, Toldish Hall Road, Great Maplesteadby 1930 Fallen women; some cases free; remain two years.54under 30
Hockley Laundry Home, Hockley1904 Fallen women with their infants.20no limit
Ilford Shelter, 127 Balfour Road, Ilford1902 Fallen women; temporarily.413-30
Hope Cottage, 80 Ingleby Road, Ilfordby 19201940Fallen women; temporarily.513-24
St Faith's Home, 117 Queen's Road, Loughton1913 Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily.5no limit
St Faith's Home, Church Hill, Loughton1913 Fallen and friendless.5no limit
St Elizabeth's Home, Boleyn Castle, Green Street, East Ham, Plaistow18931912Women before confinement or with their children after confinement; 5s. Remain twelve months.50no limit
St Elizabeth's Home, Howard's Row, Plaistow18931907Women before confinement or with their children after confinement. Local cases preferred; free; remain about six months.30no limit
Southend Shelter, 15 Cromer Road, Southend-on-Seaby 1912 All classes; temporarily.3under 20
Southend Shelter /St Monica's Home, 154 York Road, Southend-on-Seaby 1935 All classes, including mothers and babies; temporarily; payment by arrangement.8m/5b14-30
Walsham How Church Army Home, 1 Forest Rise, Walthamstow1884by 1935Mentally deficient fallen girls.4014-18
St Faith's Shelter, 4 First Avenue, Walthamstow1922 Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily.4under 30
Walthamstow Shelter, 59 Cairo Road, Walthamstow1906 Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily.56 
Ellen Carville Home, 9 Stainforth Road, Walthamstow1922 Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily. 5s. If possible.4under 30
The Shelter, Airlie, Elmsdale Road, Walthamstowby 1920 Preventive and rescue cases.7under 30
Walthamstow Salvation Army Home, Clock House, Whipps Cross, Walthamstow1885 Girls and women in distress.33no limit
The Elms, Copper Mill Lane, Walthamstow1884 Fallen girls free from London Refuges. Payment according to circumstances from other sources.2014-20
Mrs Walsham How's Memorial Industrial Rescue Home, Court House, 317 Hoe Street, Walthamstow1884by 1912Fallen girls and preventive cases; free from London Refuges; fee of £5 for country cases.2314-20
Wesleyan Rescue Home, Winchester House, Shern Hall Street, Walthamstow18921898Friendless and fallen, not lowest class; free if sent by Wesleyan Sisters, otherwise 6s. weekly; length of stay according to circumstances. no limit
The Refuge, Bridge House, Withamby 1890 To rescue fallen women of the lower class.