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Children's Homes and Institutions in Connecticut, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Bridgeport Protestant Orphan Asylum, Ellsworth Street and Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport
    (1869; Private corporation; Orphan and destitute children; 30M/23F)
  • Swedish Christian Orphanage, Cromwell
    (1900; Eastern Swedish Mission Association; Waifs, orphan and dependent children; 49M/18F)
  • Children's Home, 57 Toron Hill Avenue, Danbury
    (1875; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children from 4 to 14; 12M+F)
  • Hartford County Temporary Home, Gardner Street, East Windsor
    (1883; County of Hartford; Dependent and neglected children; 65M/39F)
  • Middlesex County Temporary Home, Main, Haddam
    (1883; County of Middlesex; Dependent and neglected children; 44M/13F)
  • Watkinson Juvenile Asylum, 1100 Albany Avenue (P.O. Box 335), Hartford
    (1862; Private corporation; Homeless boys over 12; 31M)
  • Hartford Orphan Asylum, 171 Putnam Street, Hartford
    (1829; Private corporation; Indigent and dependent children; 73M/47F)
  • St James' Orphan Asylum, 91 Church Street, Hartford
    (1852; Sisters of Mercy; Orphan, destitute, and neglected children)
  • Connecticut George Junior Republic, Litchfield
    (1904; Connecticut George Junior Republic Association; Wayward boys; 28M)
  • Mount Carmel Children's Home, Mount Carmel
    (1896; Private corporation; Homeless children from 3 to 12; 15M/12F)
  • Polish Orphanage, Gold Street, New Britain
    (1904; Bernardine Sisters of St Francis of Assisi; Orphan and homeless children; 18M/6F)
  • The Children's Home, Rockliffe Heights, New Britain
    (1903; Private corporation; Destitute children; 52M/27F)
  • New Haven Orphan Asylum, 610 Elm Street, New Haven
    (1833; Private corporation; Orphan, neglected, and destitute children; 69M/57F)
  • St Francis Orphan Asylum, Whitney Avenue and Highland Street, New Haven
    (1852; Sisters of Mercy; Orphan, homeless, and destitute children; 232M/133F)
  • Virginia T. Smith Home for Crippled and incurable Children, Cedar Street, Newington
    (1898; Connecticut Children's Aid Society; Mentally bright but crippled and ailing children; 49M/59F)
  • Fairfield County Temporary Home, Westport Avenue, Norwalk
    (1884; County of Fairfield; Dependent and neglected children)
  • New London County Temporary Home, Smith Avenue, Norwich
    (1884; County of New London; Dependent and neglected children; 54M/37F)
  • Rock Nook Children's Home, Norwich
    (1879; United Workers; Temporarily homeless children; 13M/8F)
  • New Haven County Temporary Home, Campbell Avenue (West Haven P.O.), Orange
    (1884; County of New Haven; Dependent and neglected children; 151M/98F)
  • Windham County Temporary Home, Box 58, Putnam
    (1883; County of Windham; Neglected children; 39M/29F)
  • Children's Home, 938 East Main Street, Stamford
    (1895; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless boys; 18M)
  • Tolland County Temporary Home, Rockville, R.D. 1, Vernon
    (1883; County of Tolland; Dependent and neglected children; 33M/17F)
  • William L. Gilbert Home, Williams Avenue, Winstead
    (1889; Private corporation; Homeless children; 145M/107F)