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Children's Homes and Institutions in Kentucky, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • St Thomas' Orphan Asylum, Bardstown
    (1858; Sisters of Charity of Nazareth; Orphan and destitute children)
  • Highland Orphans' Home, Clay City
    (1908; Presbyterian Church in U.S.; Orphan children; 12M/12F)
  • St Joseph's Orphanage, Cold Spring
    (1877; St Boniface's Society; Roman Catholic children from 2 to 17; 65M/40F)
  • Covington Protestant Children's Home, 1407 Madison Avenue, Covington
    (1882; Private corporation; Destitute children; 21M/15F)
  • St John's German Orphan Asylum, Horsebranch Road, R.D., Covington
    (1850; St John's Orphan Society; German orphan children; 36M/29F)
  • Mary K. Williams Home for Orphan Girls, Washington Street, Frankfort
    (1898; Ascension Protestant Episcopal Church; Orphan girls; 3F)
  • Lexington Orphan Asylum, Fifth and Upper Streets, Lexington
    (1833; Private corporation; Orphan children; 8M/15F)
  • Children's Home, Lexington
    (1889; Private corporation; Illegitimate, abandoned, and neglected children; 30M/14F)
  • Louisville Baptist Orphans' Home, 1022 South First Street, Louisville
    (1869; Baptist churches of Kentucky; Baptist orphan children; 22M/36F)
  • Home of the Innocents, 106 West Broadway, Louisville
    (1875; Protestant Episcopal Church; Homeless and indigent children; 18M/19F)
  • Receiving Home, 1086 Baxter Avenue, Louisville
    (1895; Kentucky Children's Home Society; Dependent, neglected, and homeless children; 42M/42F)
  • Presbyterian Orphans' Home, 1118 South Preston Street, Louisville
    (1855; Presbyterian Orphans' Home Society; Dependent children; 7M/20F)
  • German Protestant Orphans' Home, 1232 Bardstown Road, Louisville
    (1851; Private corporation; Orphan and destitute children; 31M/39F)
  • Orphanage of the Good Shepherd, 1418 Morton Avenue, Louisville
    (1869; Protestant Episcopal Church; Indigent boys over 6; 30M)
  • Protestant Episcopal Orphan Asylum, 211 East College Street, Louisville
    (1836; Protestant Episcopal Church; Orphan girls; 34F)
  • St Vincent's Orphan Asylum, 2120 Payne Street, Louisville
    (1832; Sisters of Charity; Orphan and dependent girls; 51F)
  • Orphans' Home, 225 East College Street, Louisville
    (1872; Christian Church (Disciples); Orphan children from 2 to 12; 13M/21F)
  • Children's Home, 2630 Montgomery Street, Louisville
    (By 1910; Church of Christ)
  • Kentucky Home for Colored Children, 807 Sixth Street, Louisville
    (1908; Kentucky Home Society for Colored Children; Destitute and neglected children; 1M)
  • Methodist Orphans' Home, 812 South Fifth Street, Louisville
    (1871; Methodist Episcopal Church South; Orphan children from 2½ to 13; 20M/19F)
  • German Baptist Orphans' Home, 923 Cherokee Road, Louisville
    (1871; Southern German Baptist Churches; Orphan and destitute children; 7M/5F)
  • Colored Orphans' Home, Eighteenth and Dumisnil Streets, Louisville
    (1878; Orphans' Home Society; Orphan children)
  • St Joseph's Orphans' Home, Frankfort and Bayley Avenues, Louisville
    (1849; Private corporation; Catholic orphan and destitute children; 69M/60F)
  • Campbell County Protestant Orphans' Home, Home Avenue, Newport
    (1884; Private corporation; Orphan children from 3 to 18; 18M/7F)
  • Cleveland Orphan Institution, Versailles
    (1875; Private corporation; Orphan girls)