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Children's Homes and Institutions in Ohio, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Summit County Children's Home, 264 Arlington Street, Akron
    (1880; County of Summit; Dependent children; 40M/23F)
  • Fairmount Children's Home, Box 525, Alliance
    (1876; Counties of Stark and Columbiana; Destitute and needy children under 16; 86M/53F)
  • Ashland County Children's Home, R.D. 8, Ashland
    (1907; County of Ashland; Normal children under 16; 13M/4F)
  • Children's Home, 37 Main Street, Ashtabula
    (1886; Private corporation; Destitute and dependent children; 24M/9F)
  • Athens County Children's Home, Athens
    (1880; County of Athens; Destitute children; 46M/16F)
  • Logan County Children's Home, Sidney Pike, Bellefontaine
    (1886; County of Logan; Destitute children; 17M/17F)
  • German Methodist Orphan Asylum, 193 Center Street, Berea
    (1864; Methodist Episcopal Church; Orphan children; 120M+F)
  • Light and Hope Orphanage, Amherst P.O., Birmingham
    (1892; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children; 7M/2F)
  • Harrison County Children's Home, Cadiz
    (1890; County of Harrison; Normal indigent children; 13M/12F)
  • Guernsey County Children's Home, 274 Highland Avenue, Cambridge
    (1884; County of Guernsey; Destitute and dependent children; 31M/11F)
  • Tuscarawas Children's Home, Tusoarawas Avenue, Canal Dover
    (1881; County of Tuscarawas; Destitute children; 67M/36F)
  • House of Mercy, 1409 Freeman Avenue, Cincinnati
    (1858; Sisters of Mercy; Orphan and destitute girls; 45F)
  • Working Boys' Home, 518 West Ninth Avenue, Cincinnati
    (1900; Private corporation (Protestant); Homeless working boys under 18; 14M)
  • Boys' Home of Cincinnati, 526 Sycamore Street (Box 819), Cincinnati
    (1885; Private corporation (Catholic); Homeless and friendless boys; 70M)
  • Jewish Foster Home, 718 West Sixth Street, Cincinnati
    (1896; United Jewish Charities; Temporarily homeless children; 14M/25F)
  • St Vincent's Home for Boys, 928 Bank Street, Cincinnati
    (1905; Franciscan Brothers; Indigent homeless boys; 200M)
  • St Joseph's Orphan Asylum, Blue Rock and Cherry Streets (Station A), Cincinnati
    (1829; Sisters of Charity; Orphan and neglected children; 189M/109F)
  • Cincinnati House of Refuge, Box 66, Cincinnati
    (1850; Department of Public Safety; Delinquent and dependent children from 3 to 16; 391M+F)
  • German Protestant Orphans' Home, Highland Ave. (Mount Auburn), Cincinnati
    (1849; Private organization; Protestant orphan children; 54M/34F)
  • Children's Home, Ninth Avenue and Plum Street, Cincinnati
    (1864; Private corporation; Orphan, neglected, homeless, and dependent children; 81M/66F)
  • St Aloysius' Orphan Asylum, Reading Road, Cincinnati
    (1837; Sisters of Notre Dame; German Catholic orphan children; 34M/52F)
  • New Orphan Asylum for Colored Youth, Spillito and Emery Streets, Cincinnati
    (1845; Private corporation; Orphan and abandoned children)
  • Protectory for Boys, Station F, Cincinnati
    (1886; Franciscan Brothers; Indigent homeless boys; 120M)
  • St Joseph's Infant Asylum, Tennessee Avenue (Station H), Cincinnati
    (1873; Sisters of Charity; Girls under 6, boys under 4; 173M/185F)
  • Cincinnati Orphan Asylum, Wellington Place(Mount Auburn), Cincinnati
    (1832; Private corporation; Orphan and destitute children; 52M/43F)
  • Pickaway County Children's Home, R.D. 3, Circleville
    (1906; County of Pickaway; Orphan and dependent children; 26M/16F)
  • Children's Industrial Home and School, 10427 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland
    (1864; Children's Aid Society of Cleveland; Destitute children)
  • Cleveland Christian Orphanage, 10907 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland
    (1902; National Benevolent Association of Christian Church; Orphan, neglected, and homeless children; 24M/19F)
  • Jewish Infant Orphans' Home, 2200 East Fortieth Street, Cleveland
    (1901; Federation of Jewish Charities; Indigent Jewish children under 5; 56M+F)
  • St Vincent's Orphan Asylum, 3315 Monroe Avenue, Cleveland
    (1850; Sisters of Charity of St Augustine; Orphan, abandoned, and neglected boys; 275M)
  • St Ann's Infant Asylum, 3409 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland
    (1873; Sisters of Charity of St Augustine; Foundlings and orphan children; 63M/69F)
  • Jones' Home for Friendless Children, 3518 West Twenty-fifth Street, Cleveland
    (1887; Private corporation; Orphan and neglected children; 46M/27F)
  • Cleveland Jewish Orphan Asylum, 5000 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland
    (1868; Independent Order of B'nai B'rith; Orphan children from 5 to 12; 279M/221F)
  • Cleveland Protestant Orphan Asylum, 5000St Clair Avenue, NE, Cleveland
    (1852; Private corporation; Orphan, dependent, and neglected children; 44M/34F)
  • St Joseph's Orphan Asylum, 6431 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland
    (1851; Ladies of the Sacred Heart of Mary; Orphan girls; 265F)
  • Infants' Rest, 9014 Cedar Avenue, Cleveland
    (1873; Cleveland Humane Society; Abandoned, dependent, and neglected children under 2; 9M/5F)
  • St Vincent's Orphan Asylum, 1490 East Main Street, Columbus
    (1875; Sisters of St Francis; Orphan and destitute children; 146M/154F)
  • St Ann's Infant Asylum, 1555 Bryden Road, Columbus
    (1908; Sisters of St Francis; Dependent children under 5; 90M/60F)
  • Hare Orphans' Home, 2104 Tuller Street, Columbus
    (1860; Private corporation; Indigent children; 39M+F)
  • St Joseph's Orphan Home, 821 East Main Street, Columbus
    (1876; Pontifical College of Josephinum; Destitute boys; 35M)
  • Franklin County Children's Home, Columbus
    (1850; County of Franklin; Orphan and homeless children; 63M/45F)
  • Holloway Children's Home, 267 Dunbar Avenue, Dayton
    (1903; Private corporation; Orphan and dependent children under 16; 24M/20F)
  • Children's Home, 528 South Summit Street, Dayton
    (1843; County of Montgomery; Orphan and destitute children; 116M+F)
  • St Joseph's Orphan Home, St Paul Avenue, Dayton
    (1849; Sisters of the Most Precious Blood; Orphan children over 2)
  • Defiance County Children's Home, Defiance
    (1884; County of Defiance; Dependent children from 1 to 16; 14M/12F)
  • Children's Home of Delaware, Sandusky Street, Delaware
    (1881; Private corporation; Homeless and neglected children; 27M/18F)
  • Preble County Children's Home, Eaton
    (1884; County of Preble; Dependent children; 19M/11F)
  • Findlay Orphan's Home, West Park Street, Findlay
    (1893; Private organization; Orphan and destitute children; 20M/18F)
  • Ebenezer Orphan Asylum, Flat Rock
    (1866; Evangelical Association; Orphan and homeless children; 68M/54F)
  • Gallia County Children's Home, R.D. 2, Gallipolis
    (1884; County of Gallia; Orphan and indigent children; 13M/8F)
  • Brown County Orphan Children's Home, Home Street, Georgetown
    (1885; County of Brown; Dependent children; 17M/7F)
  • Bethany Home for Girls, Albion Avenue, Glendale
    (1898; Sisters of the Transfiguration (Episcopal); Orphan and destitute girls; 85F)
  • Bethany Home for Boys, Grand Avenue, Glendale
    (1909; Sisters of the Transfiguration (Episcopal); Destitute boys; 19M)
  • Fannie Doane Home for Missionaries' Children, Broadway, Granville
    (1909; American Baptist Foreign Mission Society; Foreign missionaries' children from 7 to 18; 8M/9F)
  • Darke County Children's Home, Greenville
    (1880; County of Darke; Orphan and homeless children; 34M/20F)
  • Children's Home, South D Street, Hamilton
    (1869; Private corporation; Orphan, destitute, and neglected children; 43M/37F)
  • Highland County Children's Home, East Main Street, Hillsboro
    (1898; Private corporation; Dependent and neglected children; 20M/16F)
  • Lawrence County Children's Home, Vernon Street, Ironton
    (1874; County of Lawrence; Foundlings, homeless, and dependent children; 39M/26F)
  • Fairfield County Children's Home, Lancaster
    (1883; County of Fairfield; Orphan and homeless children under 16; 29M/29F)
  • Warren County Orphan Asylum, Lebabnon
    (1869; County of Warren; Orphan and homeless dependent children; 16M/10F)
  • Allen County Children's Home, Box 498, Lima
    (1893; County of Allen; Indigent children; 41M/32F)
  • Madison County Children's Home, R.D. 7, London
    (1898; County of Madison; Orphan and indigent children; 14M/14F)
  • St Louis Orphanage, Louisville
    (1883; Sisters of Charity of St Augustine; Orphan and abandoned boys; 125M)
  • Morgan County Children's Home, Malta
    (1880; County of Morgan; Orphan and indigent children; 5M/5F)
  • Richland County Children's Home, 259 Hedges Street, Mansfield
    (1880; County of Richland; Indigent children; 16M/1F)
  • Washington County Children's Home, Marietta
    (1866; County of Washington; Indigent children under 16; 28M/23F)
  • Marion County Children's Home, Marion
    (1900; County of Marion; Orphan and indigent children; 25M/12F)
  • Union County Children's Home, R.D. 3, Marysville
    (1884; County of Union; Orphan and dependent children; 9M/13F)
  • Charity Botch School, Massillon
    (1826; Private corporation; Indigent children)
  • Lucas County Children's Home, Maumee
    (1888; County of Lucas; Dependent children; 53M/34F)
  • Vinton County Children's Home, McArthur
    (1885; County of Vinton; Homeless and indigent children; 12M/10F)
  • Painter Children's Home, Millersburg
    (1888; County of Holmes; Orphan, neglected, and dependent children; 1M/1F)
  • St Mary's Institute, Minster
    (1888; Sisters of the Precious Blood; Orphan girls; 30F)
  • Children's Temporary Home, Mount Ephraim
    (1898; County of Noble; Dependent children; 3M/9F)
  • Perry County Children's Home, Mill Street, New Lexington
    (1885; County of Perry; Orphan and homeless children; 7M/1F)
  • Norwalk Children's Home, 143 Benedict Street, Norwalk
    (1822; Private organization; Orphan and indigent children; 8M/10F)
  • Lorain County Children's Home, 538 East College Street, Oberlin
    (1899; County of Lorain; Destitute and dependent children; 24M/20F)
  • Meigs County Children's Home, Pomeroy
    (1880; County of Meigs; Orphan and abandoned children under 16; 24M/11F)
  • Scioto County Children's Home, Portsmouth
    (1877; County of Scioto; Dependent children; 19M/14F)
  • Erie County Children's Home, Sycamore Line, Sandusky
    (1901; County of Erie; Orphan and indigent children; 12M/22F)
  • Shelby County Children's Home, R.D. 3, Sidney
    (1896; County of Shelby; Dependent children; 6M/6F)
  • Children's Bethel, Smithfield
    (1905; Private corporation; Neglected and destitute children; 21M/12F)
  • Rainbow Cottage, Green Road, South Euclid
    (1891; Private corporation; Needy, convalescent, and crippled children; 80M/81F)
  • Clark County Children's Home, Home Road, Springfield
    (1878; County of Clark; Orphan and dependent children; 22M/20F)
  • Oesterlen Orphans' Home, R.D. 10, Springfield
    (1904; Private corporation (Lutheran); Orphan children from 4 to 10; 17M/5F)
  • Ohio Pythian Home, Springfield
    (1894; Knights of Pythias of Ohio; Knights of Pythias' orphan children; 97M/106F)
  • Belmont County Children's Home, Tacoma
    (1881; County of Belmont; Orphan, neglected, and dependent children; 20M/21F)
  • National Orphans' Home, River Road, Tiffin
    (1896; Junior Order United American Mechanics of Ohio; Orphan children of members of the order; 174M/124F)
  • St Anthony's Orphanage, 2327 Cherry Street, Toledo
    (1854; Sisters of Charity (Gray Nuns); Orphan and abandoned children; 131M/124F)
  • Lucas County Juvenile Detention Home, 418 Erie Street, Toledo
    (1907; County of Lucas; Delinquent and dependent children pending action of court)
  • Toledo Boys' Home, 737 Ontario Street, Toledo
    (1891; Private corporation; Working boys)
  • Knoop Children's Home, R.D. 6, Troy
    (1878; County of Miami; Orphan, neglected, and delinquent children; 14M/19F)
  • Champaign County Children's Home, Urbana
    (1891; County of Champaign; Dependent and delinquent children; 41M/22F)
  • Trumbull County Children's Home, East Market Street, Warren
    (1889; County of Trumbull; Orphan and homeless children; 11M/8F)
  • Fayette County Children's Home, Washington Court House
    (1885; County of Fayette; Homeless and indigent children; 12M/12F)
  • Pike County Children's Home, Waverly
    (1887; County of Pike; Normal orphan children; 11M/11F)
  • Mennonite Orphan's Home, West Liberty
    (1896; Mennonite Church; Dependent, homeless children under 12; 49M/21F)
  • Home of the Holy Family, Puritas Springs Road, West Park
    (1895; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children; 22M/22F)
  • Wilson Children's Home, West Union
    (1884; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children; 11M/13F)
  • Clinton County Children's Home, Wilmington
    (1884; County of Clinton; Dependent children; 19M/10F)
  • Monroe County Children's Home, Woodsfield
    (1888; County of Monroe; Normal, indigent, children under 16; 5M/3F)
  • Wayne County Children's Home, Wooster
    (1881; County of Wayne; Orphan children; 28M/10F)
  • Greene County Children's Home, Dayton Pike, Xenia
    (1883; County of Greene; Homeless and indigent children; 33M/17F)
  • Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home, Xenia
    (1870; State of Ohio; Soldiers' and sailors' orphan children and others needing education; 329M/305F)
  • Glenwood Children's Home, Glenwood Avenue, Youngtown
    (1900; County of Mahoning; Orphan and homeless children; 9M/4F)
  • John McIntire Children's Home, Zanesville
    (1880; Private corporation; Orphan and destitute children under 3; 20M/19F)