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Magdalen Homes — Shropshire-Sussex

Although the term 'Magdalen' home or institution has become particularly associated with Ireland's Magdalen laundries, it covers to a much wider range of establishments. Rather than indicating the nature of these institutions' facilities or regime, it reflects the circumstances of their inmates — girls and young women who had 'fallen' (or who were considered in danger of doing so), primarily those who had become pregnant or involved in prostitution. More...

Where applicable, the 'Places' column shows the accommodation provided for mothers and babies (exact figures could change over time).
Note that over the years, many institutions changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. The accommodation provided, age of those admitted etc. at a home could also vary.


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
St Mary's Home, Shropshire Street, Market Drayton1910 Friendless and fallen; 5s.3no limit
Newport Refuge, 2 Granville Avenue, Newport1908 Friendless and fallen; 5s.; local cases, free.2no limit
Children's Home, 16 Montague Place, Belle Vue, Shrewsburyby 1890 Rescue of children under 14 years of age.14under 14
St Saviour's Home for Girls, 3 Belle Vue Gardens, Shrewsbury18901929Children rescued from immorality, or immoral surroundings; 5s. if possible.167-13
Shrewsbury Shelter, 9 College Hill, Shrewsburyby 1912 Fallen women; temporarily; local cases free.3no limit
Shrewsbury and Shropshire Refuge and Hostel, Chaddeslode, 130 Abbey Foregate, Shrewsburyby 1935 Fallen and friendless girls; also mothers and babies; remain from three to twelve months; from 7s. 6d.8m/8bunder 25
Shrewsbury and Shropshire Refuge and Hostel, Chaddeslode, Crescent Lane, Shrewsbury1907 Fallen and friendless girls; also mothers and babies; remain from three to twelve months; from 7s. 6d.10under 25
Shrewsbury Training Home, Kingston Lodge,St Alkmund's Place, Shrewsbury1872 Friendless girls in moral danger.1214-30
The Salop Home, St Julian's Friars, Shrewsbury1844 For first offenders, difficult, or in dangerous surroundings.20over 14
St Saviour's Home for Girls, The Hollies Sutton Road, Shrewsbury19291941 267-16
St Saviour's Toddlers' Home, The Hollies Sutton Road, Shrewsbury19431949   


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Bath Temporary Shelter, 110 Walcot Street, Bathby 1912 Fallen and friendless women; temporarily; 6s. when possible.  
House of Help for Feeble Minded Women and Girls, 112 Walcot Street, Bath1805 Feeble-minded women, first fall; 8s.; some permanent cases.4215-25
Bath Vigilance and Rescue Association, 12 Walcot Parade, Bath1920 Friendless girls; temporarily; payment according to circumstances.9no limit
Hope House, 15 Lambridge Place, Bath1885 Fallen girls and young women for confinement with first child. Payment, £10 and outfit.9/4 infants 
Bath Preventive Mission and Ladies' Association Refuge and House of Help, 20 Walcot Parade, Bath1879  10under 20
Bath Female Home and Penitentiary, Cornwell Buildings / Walcot Street, Bath1805  40under 40
St John's House of Mercy, Bedminster1860s    
The Friars, Fryern Lawn, Bridgwaterby 1920 Feeble-minded women.17no limit
House of Help, Misterton, Crewkerne1886 Fallen and friendless; 4s. if possible.812-22
St Michael's Laundry, Shepton Beauchamp, Ilminster1886 Fallen girls; some 4s. per week; some 2s. 6d.; some free.10under 18
Somerset County Home for Mothers and Babies, The Old House, South Petherton1921 Unmarried expectant mothers; first cases only; 10s. 6d. From county; others, 12s. 6d.20under 30
St Margaret's Hostel, 11 St Augustine Street North, Taunton1929 Girls and women needing help; temporarily.3no limit
Home of the Good Shepherd, 6 Portman Terrace, Rowbarton, Taunton1913 Rescue and preventive cases.615-21
Girls' Shelter, 78 Alma Street, Tauntonby 1950    
Taunton Women's Mission, Grove House, Canon Street, Tauntonby 1919    


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Burton Ladies' Association Temporaray Rescue Home, 221 Waterloo Street, Burton-on-Trent1882 Local cases free; others by arrangement.3under 25
Burton Ladies' Association Girls' Home, 53 Union Street, Burton-on-Trentby 1920 Friendless and fallen.814-30
Lichfield Ladies' Association Refuge, Beacon Holme, 54 Beacon Street, Lichfield1882 Fallen girls and preventive cases; temporarily, 5s.9under 25
The Refuge, Parchment Cottage, Lichfieldby 1885 Fallen women; temporarily.2 
Rescue Home, Lichfieldby 1890 Fallen women; temporarily.2 
Smethwick Refuge, 35 Broomfield, Smethwick19351952Girls and women in need of help.7over 14
Stafford County Industrial Home / Reformatory for Girls, Sandon Road, StaffordJanuary 19 1916 Discharged prisoners and fallen women. £10 for two years, if possible.42 
Hanley Shelter, 21 Church Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trentby 1930 Any girl needing help; payment by arrangement.514-30
Hanley Shelter, 26 Mayer Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent1895 All classes of girls or women; temporarily.415-25
Potteries Shelter, 6 Bagnall Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trentby 1912 All classes of girls or women; temporarily.4no limit
Bradwell, First Avenue, Porthill, Stoke-on-Trentby 1949    
Potteries Shelter, St Faith's, Howard Place, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trentby 1920 All classes of girls or women; temporarily.9no limit
Mrs Hay Memorial Home, 36 Merridale Road, Wolverhampton1916 Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily; local cases free; others 7s. 6d.9under 20
Mrs Legge Memorial Home, 89 North Road, Wolverhampton1913 Girls before birth of first illegitimate child. Diocesan cases, 12s. 6d.; others, 15s.12no limit
Female Refuge, Grosvenor House, Wadham's/Whitmore Hill, Wolverhampton1863 Fallen girls and women; local cases free, others 5s.; remain two years.35under 20
Cleveland House, Sutherland Place, Vicarage Road, Wolverhampton1919 Women and girls suffering from V.D., from 35s.20no limit


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
St Elizabeth's, 8 Sparhawk Street, BurySt Edmunds1910 Girls from dangerous surroundings (preventive cases); from 7s.10over 14
BurySt Edmunds Shelter, 9 Westgate Street, BurySt Edmunds1910 Fallen women and girls temporarily; 6s.; from Ely diocese 5s.3no limit
Ipswich Temporary Shelter, 1 Clarkson Street, Ipswichby 1930 Friendless or fallen; temporarily.14no limit
St Saviour's Home, 34 Foundation Street, Ipswich18931926Fallen women; temporarily; medical cases received.15no limit
Ipswich Temporary Shelter, 8 Soane Street, Ipswich1902 Friendless or fallen; temporarily.9no limit
Oak Lodge, 98 Christchurch Street, Ipswichby 1949    
Lodge of the Good Shepherd, Ipswichby 1890 Fallen women; free.  
Lowestoft Association for Moral Welfare Home, The Elms, Gordon Road, Lowestoft1935 Rescue and preventive cases; temporarily.415-25
Newmarket Mission House, 2 Stamford Street, Newmarketby 1930 Rescue and preventive cases temporarily; local cases free; others 7s. 6d.2no limit
Newmarket Mission House, Wellington Street, Newmarket1916 Fallen girls and those from dangerous surroundings; local cases free.314-24


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Convalescent Home of Rest, 28 Cleveland Road, Barnes  Domestic servants or girls in business (first fall only). From 6s. Weekley.8m/5b15-20
Caterham Refuge, 33 Chaldon Road, Caterham1911 Fallen girls; temporarily; local cases, free.2under 25
St Mary's Home, Long Cross, Chertsey1886 Fallen young women of respectable character. Cases received previous to confinement. Infants boarded out at charge of 4s. 6d. a week. Inmates trained in laundry and house work, and kept at least 18 months.1417-22
Croydon Rescue and Preventive Associaton, 34 Morland Road, Croydonby 1930 Rescue and preventive cases; remain various periods according to circumstances; local cases, free; others, 6s.12under 36
Croydon Children's Medical Home, 489 Purley Way, Waddon, Croydon1920 Girls suffering from venereal disease.373-14
Croydon Rescue and Preventive Association, Milton House, 77 Milton Road, Croydon1883 Fallen; remain various periods according to circumstances; local cases free; others £1 1s.8under 36
Rescue Home, Milton House, Milton Road, Croydonby 1885    
St Faith's Home, Horsham Road, Dorking1909 Fallen women; temporarily.2no limit
St Aubyn's Shelter, Horsham Road, Dorking1930 Fallen women; temporarily.5no limit
Richmond Ladies' Association Refuge / Mission House Female Aid Society, Moore House, Paynesfield Avenue, East Sheenby 1912 Fallen women; mothers and babies; temporarily.14no limit
Epsom Shelter, St Monica's, Ashley Road, Epsom1912 Fallen and friendless girls.6under 26
Waltham House Hostel, Epsom1915 Mothers of domestic servant class with their babies; 15s. if possible; remain five months. or longer.1616-25
St Mary's Refuge, 52 Chertsey Street, Guildford1882 Friendless and fallen women; temporarily; free.  
Guildford Refuge, 6 Wellington Place, Guildford1904 Friendless and fallen; temporarily; local cases free.6no limit
Hope Lodge, Nightingale Road, Guildfordby 1949    
Home of the Good Shepherd, Haslemere1916 Fallen and friendless girls; temporarily. By 1935: Mothers and babies; remain four months.12m/12bunder 30
Kingston Deanery Home, 18 Richmond Park Road, Kingston upon Thamesby 1935 Maternity and rescue cases; local cases free, others 10s.19m/12bunder 30
Kingston and Surbiton Shelter, 45 Fairfield South, Kingston upon Thamesby 1930 Maternity and rescue cases; temporarily; local cases free, others 10s. 6d. before and 12s. 6d. after confinement.6under 30
Kingston and Surbiton Ladies' Association, Mission House, 26 Gibbon Road, Kingston upon Thames1887 Friendless or fallen girls; local cases only; temporarily.4under 24
Temporary Refuge for Women, Mission House, Elm Crescent, Kingston upon Thamesby 1890 Fallen women; temporarily.  
St Monica's, Kingston Road, Leatherhead1912 Friendless or fallen girls; temporarily.5no limit
Richmond Hostel for Unmarried Mothers and Babies, 1 The Hermitage, Richmond1924 Mothers with their babies; payment according to circumstances.4no limit
Richmond Ladies' Association Refuge, 155 Sheen Road, Richmond1885 Fallen women; a temporary Refuge.6no limit
Richmond Shelter, 18 Grosvenor Road, Richmondby 1920 Fallen women; temporarily.5no limit
Rescue Home, 3 Clarence Villas,St Mary's Grove, Richmond1885 To save those who have been led into sin from sinking lower. Stay six months. under 30
Southwark Diocesan Shelter, 73 Mount Ararat Road, Richmondby 1956    
Girls' Aid Association Shelter, The Briery, 47 Mount Ararat Road, Richmond1910 All classes; from 10s6under 30
Mission of Hope, Birdhurst Lodge, 14 South Park Hill Road, South Croydonby 1930 Mothers, expectant mothers, infants and toddlers.36m/21bno limit
Mission of Hope, Blythswood, 43 St Peter's Road, South Croydonby 1920 Mothers and babies.30under 30
Sutton Home, Crossways, Benhill Road, Sutton1903 Maternity cases; Diocesan cases, 5s., others, 7s. 6d.15under 26
Whyteleafe Children's Home and Refuge, Oakfield Lodge, Whyteleafe1911 Young girls from immorality or immoral surroundings; from 8s. 6d.8under 14
Woking Diocesan Home, St Margaret's, 21-23 Ferndale Road, Horsell, Woking1901 Fallen women and others; temporarily; also preventive.815-24


Name and LocationFounded/OpenedClosed/MovedClasses Received, Weekly fees, etc.PlacesAdmission Age
Convalescent Home, Orchard House, Bexhill-on-Sea1894 Convalescents from London Homes; free; remain one month, or longer if necessary.13no limit
St Faith's Home, Bexhill-on-Seaby 1890 Servant class. 4s. 6d. A week. 15-24
Bognor Home, Spring Cottage, Bognor Regis1891 First fall cases with child, after confinement; remain one year.915-24
Albion House, 11 Finsbury Road, Albion Hill, Brightonby 1920by 1953Young unmarried mothers before and after confinement; 10s.40m/36b16-25
St Elizabeth House, 18 West Drive, Brightonby 1930 Girls needing moral protection.1814-16
Brighton Refuge (Chichester Diocesan) / Garton House, 19 Wellington Road, Brighton1899 Preventive and rescue cases; temporarily;10s. When possible.9under 30
St Mary's Home / Hospital, 2 Queen Square, Brighton1855 Female penitents admitted free from any place; remain two years.5314-26
Hove Refuge, 39 St Andrew's Road, Portslade, Brighton1915 Fallen and friendless; temporarily.5under 40
Brighton Refuge (Chichester Diocesan), 7 St Peter's Place, Brighton1899 Preventive and rescue cases; temporarily; free from the locality; others 10s.6no limit
St Monica's Home / Brighton Girls' Shelter, 89 Buckingham Road, Brighton1885 A shelter, open day and night for reception of girls in difficulties. No tramps or beggars admitted.11under 25
Salvation Army Home, Elim, 10 Wellington Road, Brighton1925 Girls and women in distress.18no limit
Home for Female Penitents, Finsbury Road, Albion Hill, Brighton1854 Brighton cases free, if destitute and friendless; others, 5s. Must be willing to remain such period as may be thought advisable.7014-24
Murray Vicar's House, Finsbury Road, Albion Hill, Brightonby 1920 Girls requiring treatment for V.D.1016-25
Bevan House, Finsbury Road, Albion Hill, Brightonby 1920 Fallen girls, without children.2416-25
Brighton Refuge, Ivy Cottage, 13 Queen's Park Road, Brighton1888 Friendless women; temporarily.8no limit
Home of Compassion, Brightonby 1890 For a superior class of fallen women.  
Chichester Shelter, Ledbury, Whyke Lane, Chichesterby 1949    
Chichester Refuge, St Margaret's, Chichester1898 Rescue and preventive cases 5s; diocesan cases free.714-16
The Bell Hostel, 2 (later 12) Salehurst Road, Eastbourneby 1930 Mothers with their babies; from 20s.14m/16b.under 30
House of the Good Shepherd, 25A Belmore Road, Eastbourneby 1920 Preventive and rescue cases; temporarily; from 10s.7over 14
Eastbourne Shelter, 61 Willowfield Road, Eastbourneby 1912 Preventive and fallen first cases; temporarily; 5s., some free.4over 12
The Mission Home, Carleton Road, Eastbourne1886 Fallen girls; 5s. 6d. per week under 25
Upwick Vale Rescue Home, Salehurst Street (now Road), Eastbourneby 1897 Lately fallen women, including those awaiting and after confinement; mothers remain with children for six months at 6s. 6d., the infants retained for three years at 3s. 6d.2414-23
Laundry Home and Refuge, 161 Mount Pleasant Road, Hastings1886 Girls if in need or through loss of character. Free; payment when ladies recommend cases.8no limit
House of Scred Compassion, 179 Priory Road, Hastingsby 1907 Better class.2016-25
Hastings Shelter, 55 Hughenden Road, Mount Pleasant, Hastings1889 A temporary shelter for the fallen; 5s. weekly for outside cases.4under 23
House of Sacred Compassion, Halton, Hastings1884 Fallen women who desire to improve; 5s. weekly, if possible.20under 25
Horsham Refuge and Detention Home, St Mary's, Barttelot Road, Horsham1909 Rescue and preventive cases 10s.6under 30
Day Servants' Hostel, 21 Seafield Road, Hove1918 Unmarried mothers (with first baby); 25s.9under 30
Mission Home of Hope, 5 Lansdowne Street, Hoveby 1865 1882EW.  
Lewes Girls' Shelter, 16 Eastgate Street, Lewesby 19201920s?Friendless and fallen; temporarily.4under 25
Gateway House, 18 East Street, Lewes 1929   
Lewes Girls' Shelter, 64 North Street, Lewes1908 Friendless and fallen; temporarily.4under 25
Burwood, Rotherfield     
St Mary's Home, Ovingdean, Rottingdean1855 Fallen young women; free; remain two years.3314-26
Elnathan Home of Succour, New Road, Shoreham by Sea1905 Fallen and destitute; 3s., where possible.1214-26
St Monica's Rescue Home, 111 London Road, St Leonards-on-Sea1889 Fallen women and others; temporarily.7no limit
Hastings Shelter, 3 Stanhope Place, St Leonards-on-Seaby 1900 Fallen women and others; temporarily.4no limit
St Monica's Home / Hastings House, 9 Bohemia Road, St Leonards-on-Seaby 1930 Fallen women and others; temporarily.9no limit
Hastings Workhouse Girls' Home, Boyce's, Staplecross1892 Fallen women; first cases.6no limit
Chichester Diocesan Purity Association, 15 Grafton Road, Worthingby 1912 Fallen girls; temporarily; 7s.; local cases free.8over 13
Chichester Diocesan Penitentiary Association, 3 Manor Villas, High Street, Worthing1897 Fallen girls; mostly free; temporarily.4over 13