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Children's Homes and Institutions in Indiana, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Madison County Orphans' Home, 2515 Columbus Avenue, Anderson
    (1882; Private corporation; Dependent and neglected children; 24M/16F)
  • Wells County Orphans' Home, Bluffton
    (1898; County of Wells; Orphan and foundling children; 17M/9F)
  • Warrick County Orphans' Home, Boonville
    (1896; County of Warrick; Orphan children; 4M)
  • Pentecost Orphanage, Bridgeport
    (1903; Pentecost Band of the World; Foundling and orphan children; 9M/8F)
  • Franklin County Children's Home, R.D. 7, Brookville
    (1888; County of Franklin; Dependent children; 2M/6F)
  • Frances Comfort Thomas Home, 127 Cherry Street, Columbus
    (1892; County of Bartholomew; Orphan and destitute children; 15M/16F)
  • Montgomery County Orphans' Home, Crawfordsville
    (1884; County of Montgomery; Orphan and dependent children under 16; 24M+F)
  • Receiving Home, 507 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville
    (1900; Board of Children's Guardians; Neglected and dependent children; 18M/13F)
  • Evansville Orphan Asylum, West Indiana Street, Evansville
    (1866; Private corporation; Orphan and dependent children; 19M/13F)
  • Allen County Orphan's Home, Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne
    (1895; County of Allen; Abandoned and neglected children; 45M/18F)
  • St Vincent's Orphan Asylum, Wells Street and Archer Avenue, Fort Wayne
    (1886; Sisters, Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ; Orphan and dependent girls from 2 to 14; 106F)
  • Fort Wayne Orphan Home, Fort Wayne
    (1884; Reformed Church in U. S.; Orphan children; 43M/42F)
  • Johnson County Orphan Asylum, Franklin
    (1884; County of Johnson; Orphan, dependent, neglected, and abandoned children; 6M/6F)
  • Greencastle Orphans' Home, Greencastle
    (1895; Private corporation; Orphan children; 4M/8F)
  • Hadley Home, Hadley
    (By 1910; Children's Home Society of Indiana; Orphan and neglected children)
  • German General Protestant Orphans' Home, 1404 State Avenue, Indianapolis
    (1867; Private corporation; Orphan and delinquent children; 27M/26F)
  • Colored Orphans' Home, 319 West Twenty-first Street, Indianapolis
    (1869; Friends Church; Dependent and delinquent children; 44M/24F)
  • German Lutheran Orphans' Home, 3310 Washington Street, Indianapolis
    (1883; Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States; German Lutheran orphan and destitute children; 23M/25F)
  • Indianapolis Orphans' Asylum, 4107 East Washington Street, Indianapolis
    (1850; Private corporation; Orphan and dependent children; 106M/37F)
  • Guardians' Home, 5751 University Avenue, Indianapolis
    (1889; Board of Children's Guardians; Deserted and neglected children; 38M/21F)
  • St Joseph's Training School, 725 South Alabama Street, Indianapolis
    (1890; Sisters of Providence; Orphan girls over 12; 24F)
  • Jeffersonville Orphans' Home, 832 Meigs Avenue, Jeffersonville
    (1876; Private organization; Destitute children, and boarders; 20M/4F)
  • Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home, Knightstown
    (1887; State of Indiana; Soldiers' and Sailors' dependent children and grandchildren; 206M/155F)
  • Clay County Orphans' Home, Brazil, R.D. 8, Knightsville
    (1897; County of Clay; Neglected children; 11M/15F)
  • Tippecanoe County Children's Home, Tenth Street, Lafayette
    (1887; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children; 39M+F)
  • St Joseph's Orphan Asylum, Lafayette
    (1869; Sisters of St Francis; Orphan, defective, delinquent, and homeless boys; 100M)
  • Rogers Orphans' Home, Lagrange
    (1871; County of Lagrange; Dependent children under 14; 22M/10F)
  • Cass County Orphans' Home, Pleasant Hill, Logansport
    (1875; County of Cass; Orphan and abandoned children; 6M/8F)
  • Jefferson County Children's Home, 707 East Main Street, Madison
    (1883; County of Jefferson; Neglected and orphan children; 11M/7F)
  • Grant County Orphans' Home, Marion
    (1887; Private corporation; Dependent and homeless children; 42M/53F)
  • Delaware County Children's Home, Yorktown Pike, Muncie
    (1883; Private corporation; Dependent and neglected children; 30M/15F)
  • Cornelia Memorial Orphans' Home, Ekin Avenue, New Albany
    (1873; Private corporation; Orphan and friendless children; 12M/3F)
  • Collett Home for Orphans, Newport
    (1893; Private corporation; County orphan children; 4M/7F)
  • French Orphans' Home, Patoka
    (1882; County of Gibson; Abandoned children; 9M/5F)
  • Thornton Orphans' Home, Petersburg
    (1892; County of Pike; Dependent children; 25M/5F)
  • Julia E. Work Training School, Plymouth
    (1899; Private organization; Dependent and delinquent children; 206M/94F)
  • Wernle Orphans' Home, Richmond
    (1878; Lutheran Joint Synod of Ohio and Other States,; Lutheran orphan children from 2 to 12; 42M/33F)
  • Veatch Orphans' Home, Rockport
    (1899; County of Spencer; Orphan, neglected, and abandoned children; 10M/14F)
  • Gordon Children's Home, R.D. 12, Shelbyville
    (1891; County of Shelby; Dependent and neglected children; 13M/12F)
  • Henry and Rush County Orphans' Home, Spiceland
    (By 1910; Counties of Henry and Rush; Orphan, neglected, or dependent children; 25M/7F)
  • Vigo County Home for Dependent Children, R.D. 5, Terre Haute
    (1903; Board of Children's Guardians; Orphan and dependent children; 66M/33F)
  • St Ann's Orphanage, Thirteenth Street and Fifth Avenue, Terre Haute
    (1848; Sisters of Providence; Dependent Catholic girls from 3 to 12; 76F)
  • Rose Orphan Home, Twenty-fifth Street and Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute
    (1884; Private corporation; Dependent orphans between 3 and 13; 55M/31F)
  • Knox County Orphans' Home, 1620 Fairground Avenue, Vincennes
    (1892; County of Knox; Orphan and dependent children; 28M/18F)
  • St Vincent's Orphan Asylum, R.D. 4, Vincennes
    (1851; Sisters of Providence; Dependent boys from 3 to 12; 91M)
  • White's Indiana Manual Labor Institute, Wabash
    (1852; Society of Friend; Dependent and wayward children; 104M/42F)
  • James Moorman Orphans' Home, Winchester
    (1889; Private corporation; Orphan and indigent children)