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Certified Schools — Warwickshire-Yorkshire

Note that over the years, many establishments changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. Multiple dates for the same establishment may indicate a change of management or premises.


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Calthorpe Home for Girls, 111 Church Hill Road, Handsworth, Birmingham18-May-1912 
Sycamore House Home for Boys, 13 Park Road, Moseley, Birmingham 2-Jan-1907 
Society of the Incarnation Home, 27 Naseby Road, Saltley, Birmingham30-Sep-1909 
Society of the Incarnation Home, 446-448 Alum Rock Road, Saltley, Birmingham26-Sep-9111913
St Joseph's Home for Girls, Brougham Street, Aston Manor, Birmingham11-Jul-1884 
Birmingham Royal Institution for the Blind, Carpenter Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham28-Oct-1863 
Royal Institution for the Instruction of Deaf Children, Church Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham 7-Aug-1863 
Maryvale Orphanage for Girls, Old Oscott Hill, Perry Barr, Birmingham23-Mar-1887 
St Philip's Orphanage for the Education of Poor Orphan Boys, Oliver Road, Birmingham19-Aug-188017-Jan-1882
Josiah Mason's Orphanage, Orphanage Road, Erdington, Birmingham26-Jul-1919 
Society of the Incarnation Home, Saltley Hall, 24 Ash Road, Saltley, Birmingham 1-Sep-19061909
Society of the Incarnation Home, Shaw Hill House, Naseby Road, Saltley, Birmingham26-Feb-1908 
Wellesley House,St Mary's Road (now Mary Road), Stechford, Birmingham13-Nov-1913 
St Paul's Boys' Home, 1 High Street, Coleshill 4-Nov-1884 
St Edward's Home for Boys (Father Hudson's), Coventry Road, Coleshill14-Mar-1907 
St Gerard's Hospital (Father Hudson's), Coventry Road, Coleshill26-Jun-1913 
Leamington Training Home for Workhouse Girls, 30 Clarendon Avenue, Leamington Spa20-Feb-188519-Jan-1894
Leamington Training Home for Workhouse Girls, 33 Clarendon Avenue, Leamington Spa12-Feb-188320-Feb-1885
Worcester Diocesan Training Home for Girls, 4 Portland Place, Leamington Spa29-Dec-1893 
The Orphanage, Holly Walk, Leamington Spa 2-Jun-1886 
Monks Kirby Roman Catholic Orphanage for Girls, Monks Kirby, Lutterworth29-Aug-1872 
Hamilton Home, 67 (later 73) Albert Street, Rugby12-Mar-1912 1-Oct-1912
The Little Orphanage for the Training of Destitute Girls, Honington, Shipston-on-Stour17-Dec-188713-Oct-1898
Orphanage for Roman Catholic Girls, Wood Street, Southam 8-Dec-188126-Apr-1892
Stratford-on-Avon Industrial Training Home, 1 College Street, Stratford-upon-Avon23-May-1883 
The Weaving School for Crippled Girls, Shottery, Stratford-upon-Avon21-Feb-1908 
Princess Alice Orphanage, Princess Alice Drive, New Oscott, Sutton Coldfield 8-May-1894 


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
St Anne's Home for Girls, Ellerigg Road, Ambleside24-Jan-1908 
Howard Orphan Home, Milnthorpe Road, Kendal 1-Mar-1865 
St Mark's Home for Boys, Natland, Kendal23-Jan-1886; 2-Mar-1896 


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Charlton Cottage Home, Charlton Road, Charlton 9-Dec-1882 
School for the Training of Friendless Girls for Domestic Service, Hadleigh Cottage, Devizes 8-Oct-1886 
School for Poor Children /St Bartholomew's Home for the Education and Training of Poor Girls, Old Park, Devizes23-May-186331-Dec-1902
St Michael's Home for Motherless Girls, Shalbourne, Hungerford23-Jan-1912 
St Swithin's Home for Girls, Church Walk, Melksham 5-Jan-189317-Dec-1900
St Elizabeth's Industrial School for Roman Catholic Girls, 131 Exeter Street, Salisbury26-Jun-1875 
Salisbury Home for Training Girls, St Michael's Home, Endless Street, Salisbury 8-Nov-1901 
St Swithin's Home for Friendless Girls, Hilperton, Trowbridge 6-Dec-190015-Jan-1904


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
St Catherine's Training Home, 6 The Inhedge, Kate's Hill, Dudley 7-Oct-1884 
Home Of The Good Shepherd for Boys, Hanley Swan / Hanley Castle, Malvern26-May-1913 
Home for the Training and Education of Orphan and Destitute Girls /St Agnes' Home, Madresfield, Malvern10-Apr-1874 
St Edward's Orphanage, West Malvern Road, West Malvern16-Mar-1912 
St Lawrence's Home for Girls, Bath Road, Worcester15-May-1912 
St Alban's Home and Orphanage for Girls, Severn Street, Diglis, Worcester23-Apr-1873; 21-Jan-1889 

East Riding of Yorkshire

Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
St Vincent's Orphan Home for Boys, 12 Wright Street, Kingston upon Hull24-Mar-190827-Oct-1909
St Vincent's Orphan Home for Boys, 31 Queen's Road, Kingston upon Hull27-Oct-1909 
Hull, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, 53 Spring Bank, Kingston upon Hull30-Sep-1887 8-Jan-1895
Hull Home for Working Girls, 71-72 Wright Street, Kingston upon Hull22-Dec-1910 
Clarendon House Home for Girls, Clarendon Street, Spring Bank, Kingston upon Hull12-Feb-1903 
Godfrey Walker Home for Girls, 4 West Bank Terrace, Acomb Road, York18-Sep-1911 
York Home for Friendless Girls / Training Home, 58 Skeldergate, York 2-Apr-1888 2-Dec-1896
Yorkshire School for the Blind, King's Manor House, York 4-May-186413-Jan-1920

North Riding of Yorkshire

Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Nazareth House, Albert Park Road (now Park Road North), Middlesbrough18-Jan-1890 
Holy Rood Orphanage, Marton Road, Grove Hill, Middlesbrough1920s 
Holy Rood Orphanage, Worsley House, Westbourne Grove, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough21-Aug-19001920s
Home for Orphan and Friendless Girls, 19 Park Street, Scarborough12-Aug-1899 
Training Home for Friendless Girls, 30 Gladstone Street, Scarborough25-Nov-189012-Aug-1899
Alice Brooke Home for Girls, 6 Belgrave Crescent, Scarborough13-Feb-1913 

West Riding of Yorkshire

Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Holly Dene School, 31 Church Street, Boston Spa1930s 
St John's Institution for Deaf and Dumb, Church Street, Boston Spa22-Apr-188613-Jan-1920
Training Home for Girls, 11 Belle Vue, Bradford13-Sep-19061909
Bradford Industrial Home for Orphans and Deserted Girls, 23 Brunswick Place, Bradford28-Feb-18681880
Orphan Girls' Home, 230 Manningham Lane (later 24 Keighley Road), Bradford 3-Feb-1880 
Training Home, The White House, Carleton 7-Dec-189519-May-1905
Training School for Female Servants, French Gate, Doncaster12-Nov-1864; 6-Feb-1902 4-Jan-1906
Yorkshire Institution for the Education and Instruction of Deaf and Dumb Children, Grandstand Road (now Leger Way), Doncaster 4-Feb-1863 
St Christopher's Home for Girls, Hall Flat Lane, Balby, Doncaster 4-Jan-1906 
Springfield Home and Laundry, Blake Hill, Shibden, Halifax20-Sep-1897 
Ilkley and Wharfedale Orphanage and Children's Home, Weston Road, Ilkley 2-May-1889 
Church of England Temperance Society's Training Home for Girls, 31 Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds 8-Mar-1912 
Headingley Orphan Homes / Orphanage, 55 Cliff Road, Headingley, Leeds26-Jul-1878 
St Vincent's Cottage Home, 8 Carr Road, Little London, Leeds21-May-1903 
St Mary's Orphanage, Church Road, Richmond Hill, Leeds31-May-1871 
St Chad's Home for Girls, Hollin Road, Far Headingly, Leeds26-Jun-1895 
St Margaret's Home for Girls, Town Street, Nidd21-Dec-1908 
Ripon Industrial Home for Girls, 33 Bondgate, Ripon17-Nov-1913 
Laundry Training Home, Rathmell, Settle16-Jun-189915-Sep-1905
Sheffield Servants' Home, 137-9 Gell Street, Sheffield 6-Apr-1900 
St Zita's Home, 168 Fulton Road, Sheffield15-Oct-1896 8-Feb-1902
Sheffield Orphan Homes, Lydgate Lane, Crookes, Sheffield14-Oct-1887 
Girls' Training Home, Ruskin House, Bole Hill Road, Sheffield28-Sep-1897 3-Aug-1905
Wakefield Orphanage, Castle Terrace, Walton, Wakefield22-Mar-188127-Nov-1899
Bede Home for Boys, College Grove Road, Wakefield28-Dec-1898 
Ladies' Association Temporary Preventive Home, Fern House, Almshouse Lane, Wakefield 9-Jul-1902; 9-Jul-190319-May-1909