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Citations of this Site

This page contains some guidance on how to refer to this site if you have used it a a source for another work such as an essay, book or web page.

Like all works, this website is protected by copyright and in many instances prior permission is needed before using its contents elsewhere. Guidance on this is given on the separate copyright page.

For academic work, my basic advice is to treat my website exactly like you would a printed text-book and use the normal conventions for citing small amounts of information that you extract from it. Some examples of doing this are given below:

  • By the 1920s, NCH were operating more than a hundred homes (Higginbotham, 2016).
  • By 1920s, NCH were operating more than a hundred homes.1 [i.e. if you're using footnotes or endnotes]
  • According to the website, NCH were operating more than a hundred homes by the 1920s.
  • Dr Barnardo's motto was "No Destitute Child Ever Refused Admission".2

In the notes/references/bibliography of your work, the reference would then typically be along the lines of:

Higginbotham, Peter "The Children's Homes website" <> Date retrieved

for example,

Higginbotham, Peter "The Children's Homes wesbite" <> retrieved 16 April 2016.

Entries for individual page or places take a similar form, e.g. for the Leeds Boys' Industrial School entry:

Higginbotham, Peter "Leeds Boys' Industrial School" <> retrieved 16 April 2016.

Or for a page, for example, on Training Ships:

Higginbotham, Peter "Training Ships" <> retrieved 16 April 2016.

References in the text would be in the typical form, for example:

(Higginbotham, 2016)

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