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Children's Homes and Institutions in Massachusetts, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Lutheran Orphans' Home, Avon
    (1906; Augustana Synod; Orphan and destitute children; 21M/15F)
  • Hunt Asylum for Destitute Children, 10 Eden Street, Boston
    (1833; Private corporation; Destitute Protestant children; 1M/3F)
  • Massachusetts Infant Asylum, 106 Chestnut Avenue (Jamaica Plain), Boston
    (1867; Private corporation; Infants under 2 years; 50M/39F)
  • Daly Industrial School, 111 Train Street (Dorchester), Boston
    (1899; Sisters of St Joseph; Deserving girls from 12 to 18; 77F)
  • Nickerson Home for Children, 14 Tyler Street, Boston
    (1835; Private corporation; Orphan, homeless, and destitute children; 24M/18F)
  • New England Home for Little Wanderers, 202 West Newton Street, Boston
    (1865; Private corporation; Homeless and destitute children; 58M/42F)
  • Leversidge Institution of Industry, 291 River Street (Mattapan), Boston
    (1881; Private organization; Destitute and homeless boys; 47M)
  • Temporary Home, 43 Mount Vernon Street, Boston
    (1878; Massachusetts Society Prevention Cruelty to Children; Neglected or delinquent children; 12M+F)
  • Home for Destitute Catholic Children, 788 Harrison Avenue, Boston
    (1864; Sisters of Charity; Neglected children; 139M/73F)
  • House of the Angel Guardian, 85 Vernon Street (Roxbury), Boston
    (1851; Brothers of Charity; Orphan, homeless, and wayward boys and boarders; 326M)
  • St Mary's Infant Asylum, 90 Cushing Avenue (Dorchester), Boston
    (1901; Sisters of Charity; Dependent children; 130M+F)
  • Martin Luther Orphans' Home, Baker Street (West Roxbury), Boston
    (1871; Synodical Conference; German orphan children; 19M/24F)
  • Mount Hope Home, Bourne and Florence Streets (Roslindale), Boston
    (1867; Boston North End Mission; Orphan and needy children from 2 to 14; 17M/16F)
  • St Vincent's Orphan Asylum, Camden Street and Shawmut Avenue, Boston
    (1843; Sisters of Charity; Orphan girls; 237F)
  • Home for Destitute Jewish Children (formerly Helping Hand Home, Roxbury), Canterbury Street (Dorchester), Boston
    (1899; Federation of Jewish Charities; Destitute children; 42M/20F)
  • Industrial School for Girls, Centre Street (Dorchester), Boston
    (1853; Private corporation; Dependent girls; 23F)
  • Church Home, North and Fourth Streets (South Boston), Boston
    (1855; Private corporation (Episcopal); Orphan, homeless, and neglected children; 16M/46F)
  • Farm and Trades School, Thompson's Island (Box 1486), Boston
    (1814; Private corporation; Worthy poor orphan and other boys from 10 to 14; 96M)
  • Avon Home, 309 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge
    (1874; Private corporation; Destitute children; 43M/36F)
  • St Vincent's Home, 2860 North Main Street, Fall River
    (1886; Private corporation; Orphan and neglected children; 68M/56F)
  • Children's Home of Fall River, 427 Robeson Street, Fall River
    (1873; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children; 34M/26F)
  • St Joseph's Orphanage, 56 Bassett Street, Fall River
    (1890; Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns); Orphan and destitute children; 218M/152F)
  • Fitchburg Union Aid Home for Children, 27 Holt Street, Fitchburg
    (1896; Private corporation; Needy children; 8M/3F)
  • St Augustine's Children's Farm and Convalescent Home, Foxboro
    (1901; Society of St John the Evangelist; Orphan children; 4M/7F)
  • Holy Family Institute, Springfield Road, Holyoke
    (1892; Sisters of Providence; Infants and orphan and destitute boys under 14; 179M/2F)
  • MountSt Vincent, Holyoke
    (1881; Sisters of Providence; Orphan girls; 127F)
  • New England Peabody Home for Crippled Children, Hale Street, Hyde Park
    (1894; Private corporation; Destitute cripples under 12; 15M/15F)
  • Protectory of Mary Immaculate, 189 Maple Avenue, Lawrence
    (1868; Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns); Orphan, abandoned, and needy children; 171M/212F)
  • Children's Home, 76 Howard Street, Lawrence
    (1875; Ladies' Union Charitable Society; Orphan and neglected girls from 2 to 12; 19F)
  • Doane Orphanage, 17 Longmeadow Street, Longmeadow
    (1902; Private corporation; Orphan children; 13M/17F)
  • Theodore Edson Orphanage, 13 Anne Street, Lowell
    (1875; St Anne's Church (Episcopal); Orphan boys from 2 to 5; 8M)
  • Faith Home for Children, 249 Westford Street, Lowell
    (1883; Private corporation; Orphan, neglected, and destitute children; 10M/3F)
  • St Peter's Orphan Asylum, 388 Chelmsford Street, Lowell
    (1877; Sisters of Charity of Nazareth; Orphan girls from 4 to 14; 66F)
  • Children's Home, 60 Kirk Street, Lowell
    (1902; Private corporation; Homeless and neglected children; 41M+F)
  • French-American Orphan Asylum, Lowell
    (1908; Sisters of Charity; Orphan children; 42M/75F)
  • Volunteer Children's Home, 42 Sea View Avenue, Malden
    (1901; Volunteers of America; Needy children; 7M/11F)
  • St Joseph's Industrial School, Millbury
    (1900; Xaverian Brothers; Orphan, incorrigible, and destitute boys; 99M)
  • Home for Destitute Children, 9 Court Street, Newburyport
    (1892; Sisters of Charity of Nazareth; Orphan children; 11M/19F)
  • Pomroy Home, 24 Horey Street, Newton
    (1872; Private corporation; Destitute girls; 12F)
  • Working Boys' Home, Winchester Street (Newton Highlands), Newton
    (1883; Xaverian Brothers; Wayward and neglected boys; 94M)
  • Home for Missionaries' Children, 1136 Center Street, Newton Center
    (1879; Woman's Baptist Foreign Missionary Society; Foreign missionaries' children; 11M/14F)
  • Ingleside Home, 148 Prospect Avenue, Revere
    (1896; Private corporation; Wayward girls from 13 to 18; 14F)
  • Salem Seamen's Children's Home, 7 Carpenter Street, Salem
    (1839; Private corporation; Destitute children; 10M/34F)
  • Springfield Home for Friendless Women and Children(Children's Department), 37 Buckingham Street, Springfield
    (1865; Private corporation; Orphan and destitute children; 16M/21F)
  • Bethlehem Home, 71 Summer Street, Taunton
    (1909; Sisters of Mercy; Orphan and neglected children under 2; 14M/11F)
  • Convalescent Home of the Children's Hospital, Forest Street, Wellesley Hills
    (1869; Children's Hospital (Boston); Convalescent children)
  • Shurtleff Mission to the Children of the Destitute, Franklin Street, Westfield
    (1895; Private corporation; Destitute children from 3 to 9; 5M/5F)
  • Orphanage of Our Lady of Mercy, 46 High St, Worcester
    (1876; Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy; Orphan, neglected, and abandoned children; 66M/54F)
  • St Ann's French Canadian Orphanage, 73 Granite Street, Worcester
    (1891; Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns); Homeless children from 3 to 12; 120M/120F)