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Children's Homes and Institutions in Texas, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Children's Home, 1206 East Eleventh Street, Austin
    (1902; Helping Hand Society; Working women's children; 11M/13F)
  • State Orphans' Home, Corsicana
    (1889; State of Texas; Indigent and destitute children; 139M/169F)
  • St Matthew's Home for Children, Grand Avenue, Dallas
    (1900; Private corporation; Orphan children from 3 to 9; 40M+F)
  • St Joseph's Orphanage, Oak Cliff P.O., Dallas
    (1907; Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word; Orphan children; 38M/31F)
  • Buckner Orphans' Home, R. 3, Dallas
    (1879; Private corporation; Destitute orphan and other needy children)
  • Fort Worth Benevolent Home, Fort Worth
    (1885; County of Tarrant; Dependent and indigent children; 17M/7F)
  • Home for Homeless Children, 1019 Avenue K, Galveston
    (1894; Society for the Help of Homeless Children; Homeless children; 31M+F)
  • Galveston Orphans' Home, Center Street and Avenue M, Galveston
    (1880; Private corporation; Orphan children)
  • St Mary's Orphanage, Forty-first Street and Avenue R, Galveston
    (1869; Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word; Orphan children over 2; 33M/13F)
  • Juliette Fowler Christian Home, Grand Prairie
    (1904; National Benevolent Association of Christian Church; Orphan children from 3 to 12; 29M/38F)
  • De Pelchin Faith Home, 1918 Chenevert Street, Houston
    (1892; Private corporation; Orphan children; 68M+F)
  • Infants' Home, 1920 Oak Street, Houston
    (1896; Private corporation; Illegitimate Infants; 4M/3F)
  • Bayland Orphans' Home, Houston
    (1866; Private corporation; Indigent orphan children from 6 to 18; 9M/12F)
  • Presbyterian Home for Orphans, Itasca
    (1905; Presbyterian Church in the United States; Destitute orphan children; 36M/43F)
  • Bell Haven Orphans' Home, Luling
    (1899; Church of Christ; Orphan children; 12M/43F)
  • Peniel Orphans' Home, Peniel
    (1901; Holiness churches; Orphan and abandoned children; 11M/15F)
  • Protestant Home for Destitute Children, Kentucky Avenue, San Antonio
    (1880; Private corporation; Orphan, destitute, and neglected children; 25M/30F)
  • St Joseph's Orphan Asylum, Military Plaza, San Antonio
    (1870; Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word; Orphan girls; 109F)
  • St John's Orphanage, West Houston Street, San Antonio
    (1890; Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word; Orphan boys under 14; 105M)
  • Methodist Orphanage, 901 Herring Avenue, Waco
    (1894; Methodist Episcopal Church, South; Destitute orphan children from 2 to 13; 66M/64F)