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Children's Homes and Institutions in Tennessee, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Willam H. Dunlop Orphanage, R. D. 1, Brighton
    (1903; Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church; Orphan, homeless, and neglected children; 9M/10F)
  • Steele Orphanage, 1 Strait Street, Chattanooga
    (1884; Private corporation; Destitute children under 14; 36M/25F)
  • Children's Refuge, 115 West Terrace Street, Chattanooga
    (1888; King's Daughters and Sons; Destitute children; 5M/8F)
  • Vine Street Orphans' Home 240 Vine Street, Chattanooga
    (1878; Woman's Christian Association; Destitute orphan children; 43M+F)
  • Odd Fellows' Home, R.D. 4, Clarksville
    (1898; Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Tennessee; Odd Fellows' orphan children; 53M/47F)
  • Children's Mission Home, 120 West Cumberland Avenue, Knoxville
    (1890; Private organization; Orphan and homeless children; 12M/24F)
  • St John's Orphanage, 2403 Hest Linden Ave. (R. D. 4), Knoxville
    (1873; Private corporation (Episcopal); Orphan children; 11M/25F)
  • Blount County Industrial Home, Maryville
    (1894; County of Blount; Destitute children; 7M/19F)
  • Church Home, 750 Jackson Avenue, Memphis
    (1867; Protestant Episcopal Church; Orphan children; 20M/55F)
  • Day Nursery and Half Orphanage, 762 Walker Avenue, Memphis
    (1900; Private corporation; Foundlings, and destitute and neglected children)
  • Leath Orphan Asylum, 850 Manassas Street, Memphis
    (1852; Private corporation; Orphan, destitute, and neglected children; 37M/53F)
  • St Peter's Orphanage, Poplar Street and McLean Avenue, Memphis
    (1841; Sisters of Charity of Nazareth; Orphan children; 80M/90F)
  • Tennessee Baptist Orphans' Home, Delaware Avenue, Nashville
    (1892; Baptist Denominational Board; Destitute orphan children; 22M/35F)
  • Protestant Orphan Asylum, Waverly Place, Nashville
    (1844; Private corporation; Orphan and destitute children)
  • Monroe Harding Orphanage, Nashville
    (1893; Presbyterian Church in the United States; Orphan children; 21M/18F)