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Glenbrook Industrial School for Protestant Girls, Monkstown, Cork, Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland

When the Training Home Industrial School for Protestant Girls opened at Passage West in October 1870, it soon became full. Plans were rapidly made for a second establishment, known as the Glenbrook Industrial School for Protestant Girls. A house was obtained in Monkstown, about eight miles to the south-east of Cork, and a certificate was issued on 4 November 1870 for the premises to receive up to six children. Several months later, however, the School was still far from ready to open its doors. On 18 February 1881, its management committee placed an appeal for donations in the Cork Constitution newspaper, stating that the School would be opened as soon as the requisite furniture, bedding and clothes for the children had been provided and the necessary alterations made to the house. A lack of funds, together with the move of the Passage West school to larger premises at Union Quay, soon removed the need for Glenbrook establishment. In 1876, having never admitted a single inmate, the School's entry was finally removed from the government's list of Industrial Schools.


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