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'List D' Schools

In England and Wales, the Children and Young Persons Act of 1969 introduced major changes in the way that children who were neglected or in trouble were dealt with. The Act particularly affected the system of Approved Schools set up up in 1933 to receive such children. One result of the 1969 Act was the creation of a new category of institution, known as Community Homes with Education (CHEs), in whose management local authorities played a significant part. Almost all of of the new CHEs were former Approved Schools.

In Scotland, a slightly different system was implemented. The 1968 Social Work (Scotland) Act aimed to bring Approved Schools under the control of local authority social work departments. As a result of a title in a list drawn up by the Scottish Education Department, the existing Approved Schools in Scotland became known as 'List D' schools. In fact, they effectively continued to operate under their existing voluntary management, except for two already being run by Glasgow City Council. As in England and Wales, a gradual decline in numbers being placed at the new schools eventually resulted in their closure.


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