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Training Homes for Friendless Girls, Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire

The Leeds branch of the Ladies Association for the Care of Friendless Girls operated several establishments in the city. Their object was to care for and protect friendless girls, to train them as servants, or find them other occupation.

The first Training Home was established in 1884 at 3 Roundhay Terrace, Roundhay Road, followed by another in 1887 at 11 Marshall Street, Holbeck. Each home could accommodate up to 12 girls, who were aged from 12 to 16 years at their date of admission. Girls from Leeds were received without charge, unless one parent was living and able to pay. Girls from elsewhere paid 3s. 6d. per week.

By 1907, the homes had respectively relocated to 5 Roundhay Terrace and 11 (now 37) Hanover Square, Leeds. In 1907, the Homes had a combined total of 85 inmates, rising to 105 in 1913.

By 1927, the Roundhay Terrace Home had been replaced by premises at Spring House, 1 Willow Terrace Road, Leeds, and the total number of inmates was now 49. By 1939, the same two Homes had just 15 girls in residence.

Former Training Home at 11 (now 37) Hanover Square, Leeds


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