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St Christopher's Special School for Girls, Great Crosby, Liverpool, Lancashire

On December 18th, 1918, St Christopher's Special Industrial School for Girls was certified to operate in premises at Mill View, 1 Chesterfield Road, Great Crosby, near Liverpool. The School could accommodate up to 19 girls, aged 8-12 at their date of admission, who had been criminally assaulted or who came from bad moral surroundings. In 1920, the superintendent was Miss S.J. Fletcher, and in 1930 Miss C.M. Crowdy. The children attended local schools and were trained in domestic work.

In 1933, St Christopher's became an Approved School, one of the new institutions introduced by the 1933 Children and Young Persons Act to replace the existing system of Reformatories and Industrial Schools. The headmistress in 1935 was Miss D. Appleby, and in 1936 Miss A.A. Pippard. The St Christopher Home, as it was now known, could accommodate up to 19 Junior Girls, aged under 15 at their date of admission. The Home was subsequently re-categorised as an establishment for Senior Girls, aged 15 to 16 at admission.

Former St Christopher's School for Girls, Crosby, 2013. © Peter Higginbotham

In around 1973, St Christopher's became a Community Home with Education (CHE) under the control of Liverpool Council.

In recent years, the property has been occupied by the organisation 'Autism Initiatives'.


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